Müller completed, says the Congress must Trump’s fate

nearvideo-Robert Müller: the Charging of the President with a crime was not an option that we might consider

Speaking publicly for the first time since the release of Russia report, special counsel Robert Mueller says there were ‘multiple, systematic effort” with the presidential elections that his team found there is not enough evidence to charge a larger conspiracy, and that, if it was the confidence that the President does not commit a crime, the report would have said so.

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On the roster: Müller ends, says the Congress must decide, Trump’s fate – Dems look to shrink the field with the third debate – McConnell says Garland standard would not apply in the year 2020 – Roy Moore bedevils trump Even the best (people) sometimes fall

NYT: “Robert S. Mueller III, the special Council on Wednesday rejected a clear President Trump, the obstruction of justice in his first public characterization of his two-year-long investigation by Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential elections. ‘If we are to trust not, had that of the President committing obvious crimes, we would have said’ Mr. Miller, reading from prepared notes from behind a lectern at the justice Department. “We have not, however, make a determination as to whether the President did commit a crime.’ He also said that, while Department of justice policy prohibits the charging of a sitting President with a crime the Constitution provides for a different process to accuse formally, a sitting President of misconduct — a clear indication of the ability of the Congress, impeachment proceedings will begin. Although his remarks carefully coordinated statements in its nearly 400-page report, Mr. Miller’s portrayal of Mr. Trump’s actions are not as benign as the Minister of justice, to William P. Barr‘s characterizations. While Mr. Barr seemed to ask, why the special counsel investigating the President, his behavior, Mr Müller stressed that the focus of the investigation.”

Says, Department policy excluded criminal charges against Trump – WaPo: “the Special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III announced on Wednesday he was close to his office and offered his first public comments about the results of his work to claim that the justice Department’s legal advice prevented him from suing President of the trump of the crime, noting, cryptically, that the Constitution requires that a process other than the criminal justice system to officially accuse the President of misconduct.'”

Trump tweets vindication – New York Post: “President Trump crowed,” the case is closed!’, according to special counsel Robert Mueller, announced on Wednesday that the investigation into the Russian interference in the election of 2016 to the end. “Nothing changes from the Müller report. It was not sufficiently documented and, therefore, in our country, a person is innocent. The case is closed! Thank you, ” the President wrote on Twitter about half an hour after Müller completed his remarks.”

Removal of the pressure on Pelosi – USA Today: “democracy calls for an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump rose Wednesday, after special counsel Robert Muller weighed in for the first time in its two-year investigation of the President and the Russian interference in the election of 2016. Democrats honed in Müller’s comment that the charging process was Trump with obstruction of justice,” not an option “for the special counsel’s office because of a justice Department policy. Some argued that it is now the task to keep the Congress, the President is responsible, by a prosecution request. David Cicilline, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, was one of the first of many, in order to make the call on Wednesday, thanked Müller for his work, and to add, ‘Now it is time for Congress to make.'”

Amash gets hero’s welcome at town hall Politico: “Rep. Justin Amash is a lonely man in the Congress, the only Republican to back Donald Trump’s removal from office. To have back home on Tuesday evening, the Michigan legislature, the red-carpet treatment in his first face-to-face encounter with the voters, because his reputation for the prosecution. During a Packed town hall in Grand Rapids, participants in the mostly friendly audience Amash gave several standing ovations and a lot of praise for his solo rebellion against Trump.”

“IT WAS one thing to expect that in a popular revolution in the minds of the people should stop, the happy, the marks mean the salutary boundary between POWER and PRIVILEGE, and combines the energy of government with the security of private rights.” – Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 26

The Atlantic: “‘Now is the time, and the country is … Let us then seize the moment, and the establishment of a national language, as well as a national government.’ This is what Noah Webster wrote in 1789, at the age of 31 years, long before he put together had, the nation ‘ s first large dictionary. It is a Wake—up call for the American linguistic unity and independence in his dissertations on the English language-a 409-page treatise is remarkable for its boldness and length so much, as for his sweeping, generalized history of the language. The book is in the main argument goes something like this: There is no elite in America, no linguistic differentiation between classes and regions. For Webster, new Nation unique opportunities for linguistic reform… in The dissertations shows, at a young age, Webster’s plenty of memory, and a tireless and detailed attention to what would become the self-Definition of the themes in his efforts to reform the profile of the English language in America…”

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Trump job performance
Average Approval:
41.6 Percent
The average of the rejection: 53.2 percent
Net Rating: -11.6 Points
Change from a week ago: no change
[Average, includes: CBS News: 41% approve, reject – 52%; Monmouth University: 41% approve, reject – 52%; Quinnipiac University: 38% approve, reject – 57%; Fox News: 46% approve, reject – 53%; Gallup: 42% approve – 52% disapprove.]

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WaPo: “The Democratic National Committee announced on Wednesday new criteria for the party in the September presidential debate, which could dramatically season to winnow the large field of 23 candidates, the increase of the shares on the summer campaign. Appear in the party’s third debate broadcast by ABC News and Univision, the candidate will have to earn 2 percent of support in the four party-sanctioned surveys between late June and August. In addition, you will need to show they have attracted, at least than 130,000 donors since the start of the campaign, including at least 400 from 20 different States. The third debate will take place on Sept. 12, with the possibility of a second meeting on Sept. 13, if there are enough qualified applicants with two levels require. As the race stands now, only eight candidates in the field, the achievement of the 2 per cent threshold in the last party-would surveys sanctioned in the assessment of FiveThirtyEight…”

O’rourke presents immigration plan – AP: “democratic presidential candidate Beto O’rourke on Wednesday unveiled a sweeping immigration plan to try to find a way to US citizenship for the 11 million people illegally in the country to deploy thousands of immigration lawyers to the southern border to help with asylum cases, and provide $5 billion to strengthen the rule of law in Central America. The former Texas Congressman, is only the second major candidate in the Packed field of Democratic presidential hopefuls offer a comprehensive immigration proposal, even if the U.S.-Mexico border, and the thousands of people streaming over the it illegal the strike have dominated rows and the policy of the United States discussions for months. Other policy goals — including plans to slash carbon emissions nationwide to combat climate change and expand universal health care coverage have overshadowed immigration, in spite of the President Donald Trump’s fixation on calls for a tightening of border security and the extension of a wall along the border…”

Moulton share PTSD with military mental health proposal – Politico: “Rep. Seth Moulton, a Marine veteran, is running for President, [introduced] a plan Tuesday night to expand military mental health services… [Moulton said] he hoped that opening up about his experience with PTSD from the war in Iraq] would help ease the stigma that veterans and nonveterans alike, feel when confronted with mental illness. … His proposal would require “mental health checkups” in addition to the annual system test for active duty military and veterans. It would be obliged, in addition, a consultation for all troops within two weeks after their return from a combat mission. And there would be money for a year, the mental health screening for all high-schooler in the country.”

Fox News: “Democrats are furious after Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said, that the Republicans acknowledge, would be a new Supreme Court in the year 2020, if given the chance, despite the refusal so to do, as Barack Obama was President during the last presidential elections. McConnell made the comments during a speech in his home state Tuesday afternoon. Asked what would do the Republicans, when there is a vacancy on the court in the year 2020, he replied: ‘Uh, we would fill.’ In 2016, McConnell and his fellow Republicans decided not to vote on Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland, to demand that the next President should make a decision. As a result, President Trump later successfully nominated the conservative Neil from gorsuch to replace the late justice Antonin Scalia. Garland is far more than a centrist. Democratic presidential candidates quickly took the opportunity to accuse McConnell of hypocrisy.”

The hill: “President Trump on Wednesday signaled that he, in contrast to Roy Moore to run for the Senate from Alabama, once again, argued the former judge ‘did not win.” ‘The Republicans can’t allow that again, the Senate will lose a seat in the Great U.S. state of Alabama. This time it is for Six years, not only Two,’ tweeted Trump. “I have NOTHING against Roy Moore, and in contrast to many other Republican leaders wanted him to win. But he did not and probably not,’ the President continued. “If Alabama does not select a Republican to the Senate in the year 2020 many of the incredible gains that we have made during my presidency will be lost, including our Pro-Life victories. Roy Moore can’t win, and the consequences will be devastating….Judge and judges of the Supreme court!'”

Meadows under pressure for the election against female GOPer – Roll Call: “The outflow in North Carolina, 3. District the apportionment of the house Republican conference between a powerful man and more than a dozen women. It is North Carolina Rep. Mark meadows and the political arm of the house freedom Caucus against the Republican women in the chamber — all 13 of them — plus another male legislator from the North Carolina delegation. Meadows, whose 11. The district is located in the Western part of the country — far away from the open 3. District on the East coast — has endorsed state Rep. Greg Murphy… The house GOP-women-behind children doctor Joan Perry, who represents the party the best chance to add another woman to his dwindling ranks this year. Murphy … was first in the 17-candidate primary on April 30, with 23 percent of the vote Not to be outdone because he is, 30 percent, and Perry was second with 15 percent, will be able to request a ballot.”

Lindsey Graham takes a potential 2020 adversary – The [S. C.] Post and courier services: “Former South Carolina Democratic party Chairman Jaime Harrison announced his campaign Wednesday morning to challenge U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, kicking off an underdog bid to be the first Democrat to win a Senate race in South Carolina in more than two decades. In a 3-minute comic-book-themed announcement video early Wednesday released, Harrison charged that Graham has forgotten about the people he represents,” and threw himself as a candidate, the appearance of dignity for the South Carolinians from all walks of life. “I don’t want to take care of, who Harrison said they voted for, what training you get or what career you have,’. “I remember a time when the senators helped the people they represent. I want to help on the spirit again.” Harrison, an Orangeburg native, who is now a top official at the Democratic National Committee, to preview his plans on Tuesday evening during an appearance on MSNBC. He was active to a bid since February.”

Pergram: ‘How the Congress is still trying to pass a disaster aid bill-while” out “session” – Fox News

Younger voters swayed past, boomers and older voters in the 2018 midterms – Pew Research Center

“It wasn’t a big, poofy wedding dresses, so it was not totally out of the question.” – NYT reporter Annie Karni told People magazine. Karni was one of six reporters covering the President Trump the state Banquet on Monday with Japan’s Emperor Naruhito. Karni explains the instructions for a floor-length dress for the Banquet came hours before your flight and you only have a floor length dress.

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Fox News: “A best man broke his arm the night before his wedding of a friend only to break for his replacement, his foot only half an hour later. Steven Jackson, 39, snapped the humerus bone falling out of the bed, as he and the groom, the childhood friend Michael Jackson, 40, who are ready to turn in for the night before the wedding. Steven was taken to the hospital by ambulance and the other pal Brendan O’mara, 41, joined as a replacement for the best man, and began frantically to write a speech. But thirty minutes later, O’mara tripped on the sidewalk in front of the hotel, as he went for a cigarette and broke his foot. … Fortunately, the two friends made it to the big day in Chadderton town hall, Oldham, England, where she married Michael 31-year-old partner Kelly. Steven got to deliver his best man speech, change the first line to: ‘I want to be plastered on getting drunk tonight, but in the end, always!'”

“But given the current Situation of the hyperpolarization — the liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats 40 years ago, are long gone — the two-thirds majority requirement today is only guaranteed to inaction, which, in turn, the current popular disgust with politics in General and Congress in particular, is strengthened.” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) writes in the Washington Post on November 6. April 2017.

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