Mueller during a hearing in Congress He was not vrijgepleit

In the Us, the former special prosecutor Robert Mueller on Wednesday testified about the Ruslandonderzoek in the House of Representatives. Mueller had little news of its own, and repeated, as far as the Democrats are of him wanted to say, as president, Donald Trump is not a vrijgepleit, in contrast to what he claims to be.

He stated, immediately after the completion of the Ruslandonderzoek that the final report of them to him, “totally and completely vrijgepleit”, and reiterated this claim after many, many times. The researchers knew of “no impediment to the administration of justice,” to determine, according to the president.

“That’s not what’s in the report,” said Mueller at the Democrat Jerrold Nadler, chairman of the justitiecommissie of the House. The results show that the president is not vrijgepleit of the actions of which he is accused.”

The former special prosecutor’s office also warned of “widespread and persistent Russian interference in the American presidential election process”. Mueller said that the Russian efforts in the elections of 2016 to influence the risk of the Russians, which in the future will try to “constitute a grave threat to American democracy”.

‘He may be indicted if he is not the president anymore’

An exciting moment was when the Democrat Ted Lieu of California, Mueller asked about the potential instances of interference with the judicial process by the Home team by Mueller, in the report, a row is put in.

“I think that is a reasonable human being, that all of these facts, views, would be able to conclude that all of the elements to the crime of obstruction of justice are there”, he said Instead, pointing at the list. “I’m asking you, again, for the reason that when He is not in custody, provided that the department of Justice, the council directive applies and that a sitting president cannot be sued, right?”

Mueller responded in the affirmative to this question, and it did just that, and even then, the Republican, Ken Buck of Colorado and asked him if he was He would be able to sue for obstruction of justice, as long as it is not the president anymore.

Later in the day, he had to know, “I want to go back to something that was made this morning by mr. Lieu and was told that said, and I quote,” You’re the president, not the accused, because of the provisions of the directive of the prosecutor’s office. This is not the right way to say it. I wanted to clarify that we are not in any way a decision on the criminality.”

Mueller was referring mostly to this report

The above exchange was one of the few times when Mueller was willing, showed it off to pasture at the request of members of congress. Beforehand, it had been announced that he has given his answer and wanted to limit the content of the final report.

Mueller during the hour-long hearing, mostly of short answer questions which are referred to in the report, and refused to further information about the course, or the origin of the Ruslandonderzoek. Also, he wasn’t ready for it to be in the Ruslandrapport, which the Democratic members of congress have been forced out of the pieces of text that they consider relevant to contribute.

Mueller will also appear at the hearing of the inlichtingencommissie

in the Morning, was Mueller, first appeared in the justitiecommissie of the House. After that, he went to a hearing on the inlichtingencommissie.

It wasn’t the first time that ex-FBI director, sworn and testified in Congress. Commentators were surprised to see that he does not have the sharpness that it seemed to them, in the past, to him, have been accustomed to. Mueller spoke to a regular and very gentle, and it seemed that some of the questions that is only partially told.

The Republicans in the House of Representatives and tried in the credibility of Mueller and his team are in doubt, bring it. In addition, there was a lot of attention to the origins of the Ruslandonderzoek. Some Republicans, among whom He believe that political considerations will form the basis for the research is needed.

Mueller did not deny that there was a “witch-hunt” at Home. Even though his team is, indeed, the people featured in it have been given to the Democratic y, it wasn’t a matter of prejudice, and their work was carefully done, ” said the former special prosecutor’s office.

He claims vrijpleit to be

The President when He appeared for the hearing, even in the White House. In advance of this, he came up with a series of tweets in which he and the Democrats who blamed “illegal and a crime to have been manufactured and have been trying for a very innocent the president to let them take the blame”.

The president noted that Robert Mueller would like the FBI director, wanted to be Home, but that feature was rejected. Mueller did not deny during the hearing.

He will be quoted after the end of the first half, Mueller’s days in the Congress, Fox host Chris Wallace, who said: “This has been a disaster for the Democrats and a disaster for the reputation of the Robert Mueller.”

The eldest son of the president, Trump, Donald, Jr. shared it on Twitter with a message of conservative social and political commentator, Dinesh D’Souza, who wrote: “it Is possible that the Republican party is the real Robert Mueller, have come to be a mentally retarded lookalike in his place to be put?”

“This has been a disaster for the Democrats and a disaster for the reputation of Robert Mueller.” Chris Wallace @FoxNews

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