Much talked about premier league does not seem to matter at the start: “I want to be in Brescia rescue

Much talked about premier league does not seem to matter at the start: “I want to be in Brescia rescue

It doesn’t look like Mario’s premier league at the winter break will go Away. The top-class striker, would, according to president Massimo Cellino is unhappy, but determined that the Serie A club is to help in the fight against relegation.

The 29-year-old, His Sunday worth its weight in gold for the city of Brescia, with the winning match against SPAL: from 0 to 1. Brescia made it the last place in Italy to a competitor.

“I want to go back to the Italian national team? Everyone wants his country to play in, but for now, I want to be in Brescia to the rescue and it is just great to do it with my club”, said the premier league Champions after the match.

“We are already very close to a win, and a lot of bad luck. I hope it will be from now on, our advantage for a change. It is important to now that the points have to go and deal with it.”

That is not in line with what the president Cellino on Tuesday said. “Let’s just miserable because he is unable to perform its a-game to the show,” said the president among others. “What I like about him in January and is free to leave. He has to choose which path he wishes to follow.”

His is the victim of racism

Premier league champions signed last summer for a three-year laagvlieger of Brescia, and the club is in the region where he grew up. The flamboyant striker this season, is unintentionally a lot of the spotlight.

At the beginning of november was the premier league with Hellas Verona, and, namely, to be the victim of racism. He stepped up to the start of the second half of the field, though he played anyway. He was after no support from his own supporters, and at Hellas Verona, it was racism, is being denied.

His is currently playing in the Serie A earlier in The club, and AC Milan and it was against SPAL are the way that goal is at the highest Italian level. “Scoring is always nice. This government’s goal, I will carry it on to my daughter, and my son,” he said.

Are premier league Champions and the city of Brescia, important weeks, as it is against the competitors, Lecce, Sassuolo and Sampdoria played out. The bottom three clubs relegate.

To view the results of the mode, and the program will be in the Serie A

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