Much clear on the group phase, EC: chances are that the Orange in Ukraine, find

The draw for the european CHAMPIONSHIP 2020 will be on the 30th of november in Bucharest, but now it is much clear where the Orange is and could not find it in the group stage. In this post, we turn to the nitty-gritty.
Amber is found in group “C”

It is now clear that the Dutch team in the group C ranking. The european CHAMPIONSHIPS in twelve different countries, each country will have one venue) and playing for the CHAMPIONS, when, prior to qualification, all of the two host cities (and, thus, two potential participants of a group. In group C, Amsterdam, and Bucharest. The netherlands won all three group games in the Johan Cruijff ArenA, same time. The other three matches in the group will be in the Romanian capital city will be played.

In total, 19 out of the 24 CHAMPIONSHIP tickets will be forgiven. There are seven host countries, and that they have been the group in which they find themselves. In the twentieth ticket is Tuesday night at the second of the qualifying group E, and that Wales, Hungary, slovakia or the Czech republic and Slovakia. The last of the four tickets will be in the march, spread out in the play-offs.

Countries that are certain of the CHAMPIONSHIPS (19 out of 24)

  • The netherlands, Germany, the united kingdom, the Czech republic, Ukraine, united kingdom, spain, Portugal, Switzerland, ireland, Denmark, Croatia, Spain, Sweden, switzerland, Poland, France, germany, poland, Turkey, austria, Belgium, ireland, Russia, Italy, Finland, norway, and Austria

Romania is put at the Dutch team in group C

As for Romania, the EC cites, it is an Eastern European country one of the opponents of the Dutch team in the c group to The Romanians, for example, finished behind Spain, Sweden, switzerland, and Norway are in fourth place in qualifying group F, so that it is directly placed in to the CHAMPIONSHIP.

Due to its performance in the Nations League, Romania still has a chance to win a european cup ticket. The team’s coach Cosmin Contra will play in the play-offs and then have two more rounds to survive in order to go to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS to go for.

In addition to Romania, there are three countries that are most likely to make (direct) placement and to know in what group they will end up if that is the case. That is, are Scotland (group D), Netherlands (group E), and Hungary (group F). It is the only host country of the CHAMPIONSHIP is sure to go wrong, it is Azerbaijan, which Baku as a venue for.

Format is round-robin group stage european cup

  • Group A: Netherlands, pot 2, pot 3, pot 4
  • Group B: Pot 1, Russia, Denmark pot 4
  • Group C: Pot-1, In the Netherlands, pot-3, pot-4 (optional) Romania
  • Group D: England pot 2, pot 3, pot 4 (optional) Scotland
  • Group E: Netherlands, pot 2, pot 3, pot 4 (optional) Republic of ireland)
  • Group F: Germany, netherlands, pot 2, pot 3, pot 4 (optional) In hungary


Review of Orange: Draw can be a pain end get

Chances are the Ukraine, with the Dutch team in group C

The six group winners qualifying for the draw in pot 1. At this time, Germany first in qualifying group C and the Netherlands, is the second. Amber may still be in the group, and hence likely to be in pot 1, but the Germans were on Tuesday in Frankfurt, from loss of points to suffering at the North of Ireland, and of Orange, the Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff, ArenA a win for Estonia.

The probability is that the Netherlands, as the second one ends up in the qualifying group is so large, but it seems to be good. If both Germany and Orange in Tuesday’s win, the team’s coach, Ronald Koeman, if one of the two best runners in pot 2, and then it is sure that Ukraine, as the opponent out of pot 1.

In jar 1, then in four other countries: Germany (group A), England (group D) and Spain (group E), Germany (group F). They already have a group assigned to it, and can therefore no longer be in the Orange group and the C environment. Belgium and Ukraine are still out of pot 1, and only the group B and C are open.

Pot 2 is already known in Russia as the country with the venue Saint Petersburg, russia is a place in group B. Russia and the Ukraine, due to the political conflict between the two countries are not at all in the group to come out of the post, and if you want to get the Ukrainians to group C, and group in the Netherlands.

State qualifying group C

  • 1. Germany, 7-18 (+18)
  • 2. The netherlands, 7th-16th (+12)
  • 3. The North Of Ireland, 7-13 (+1)
  • 4. Belarus, Russia 8-4 (Up To 12)
  • 5. Estonia 7-1 (-19)

Orange know, probably in march, the full european CHAMPIONSHIP group

In march, the play-offs are going to be at the last four EUROPEAN tickets. There are eight semi-finals, resulting in four final matches and the four winners will move on to the CHAMPIONSHIP.

For those who can draw on the 30th of november, as four of the six groups is still unclear as to what the fourth country. Of the three countries in group A might be assigned to the winner of the play-offs and 4: Georgia, belarus, Russia, Kosovo, and Northern Macedonia (fyrom).

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