MTV gives awardbeeldje gender-neutral name

MTV gives awardbeeldje gender-neutral name

Photo: AFP

MTV changes the name of the awardbeeldje that the transmitter is an annual awards during the Video Music Awards. The Moonman is called from the next edition Moon Person.

The gender-neutral name fits better in the new policy of MTV, that since this year in all its awardshows the prices are not more into male and female categories of the groups. So it was in the Movie & TV Awards this past may, but one award for best acting. That honor went moreover to Emma Watson for Beauty And The Beast.

“Why would it be a man?”, explains MTV boss the name change of the VMA award Sunday in The New York Times. “It can be a man, a woman, a transgender, it can be a non-conformist.”


The maanmannetje on the award of the transmitter refers to the launch of MTV in 1981. The channel started its first broadcast with images of the spaceship Apollo 11, followed by nepbeelden which an astronaut an MTV flag on the moon planted that the voice-over said: “Ladies and gentlemen, rock’n’ roll.”

The VMA’s are this year, on August 27, awarded in Los Angeles.

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