MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, angry about the Mueller report:” How could you let Trump off the hook?’

in the vicinityVideoThe politics and the fallout from the completion of the Mueller report

MSNBC host Chris Matthews outraged on Friday at the trial reports that Special Counsel Robert Muller, Russia had completed its investigation and submitted it to the attorney General — to be expected with further charges.


Matthews began his show with a summary of the latest news, but stressed that Müller handed over its report to the Department of Justice, ” without ever directly interviewed, the President of the United States.”

“This means that none of the charges against the President, his children, or his employees, Matthews told after all the meetings with the Russians,” a visibly upset his audience.

The liberal cable-news-host-opened the discussion on the panel, told them that his “biggest question” was: “How can the President showed, to interfere as leading agreements with Russia, the support of a Russian conspiracy with our elections, if none of his followers, the accused, none of his children were none of his employees?”

NBC News national security reporter Ken Dilanian replied and told Matthews, Trump could not be charged “in the criminal sense”, since Müller’s office”, and added that the President “could not yourself.”

“Maybe he missed the boat here, is responded,” Matthews. “Because we know that about of the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016, we know about the meeting in the cigar bar, Kilimnik. My God, we know about all these meeting with Kislyak at the Republican convention in Cleveland. All of these points, we now believe, not connect.”


“Well, this is the conclusion in front of us,” Dilanian Matthews said. “All that stuff was ambiguous, it did not prove anything.”

“Why was there never a questioning of this President?” Matthews shot back. “We’ve been told for weeks by experts, ” you can’t handle a disability-of-justice indictment, or investigation of, the subject… How could you let trump off the hook?… It is not obstruction of justice, collusion, accused secret, to sit down with the Special Counsel Müller and answer questions of his fucking. How could this happen?”

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