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Greatest tennis Match in charge, after its defeat in the first round of the WTA tournament in Wuhan, do not mean that they will be next week in Beijing, may be you can get. In the Wateringse is playing in China’s capital city, its last tournament of the tour in Asia.

“If there are additional expectations in Beijing? No, no, no, not really. In my level that doesn’t allow it. I just try not to be very good for you, so I can’t do a lot of my own expect,” said Mr Wednesday for FOX Sports. “To me, just as much as possible to prepare for the next tournament and give it their all.”

Earlier, on Wednesday, lost to the Netherlands in the third round of the Wuhan of the Aryna Sabalenka. The 27-year-old Match had to be after a party in an hour and a half and her more recognised in the White Russian: 1 to 6 and from 6 to 7 (from 9).

According to the Match was the team’s Sabalenka from 1 to 5 in the second set, it really is a contest. “They played very well, but I just got the total for my level. After that, she missed a few balls, and I came across something better. I know that there is still a lot of to do, but it is a pity that I was in the second set, didn’t have to deal with it.”

By its switch-off in Wuhan, gave the Match its disappointing results in the last couple of weeks in Asia on a sequel. Both In Zhengzhou, as in Osaka, and went to the Netherlands directly, too. Since the US Open, she has only one match, won the game.

Kiki Bertens has won during her tour of Asia in just one battle. (Photo: Getty Images)

Mr is full on in the race for the WTA Finals

Match in the next few weeks, pull out all the stops to get a ticket to the WTA Finals (October 28 to november 3) to win. They are busy, currently ranked tenth in the jaarranglijst, and only the best of the eight tennissters are invited to join in at the end of years tournament.

In the WTA-tournament in Beijing, one of the four Premier Mandatory tournaments, starting for the Match on Monday or Tuesday, with a party in the first round. Their opponent is yet to be announced. Last year, she took her to the eighth-finals in the Chinese city.

Coach the highest number, the sensors, which is the last tournament will not be physically present in order to Match you to help you, you will also be in Beijing, not in it. “I’m going to go to Beijing by Elise Tamaëla. We are making this trip together. Otherwise it would be highest number may be, for one day, have to come to you.”

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