Moving, renaming highway for Obama angers family of the famous Chicago pol

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The former President Obama to leave the political stage is more difficult, he thought; Doug McKelway reports.

It is robbery, — is at least a prominent Chicago family.

The family of Dan Ryan, a former Cook County board President, worked closely with Chicago, the legendary mayor and Democratic party boss Richard J. Daley, the up in arms after Daley’s son, Bill, suggested changing the name of the motorway, bearing Ryan’s name since 56 years ago to honor former President Barack Obama.

“I’m hurt. I feel bad that he didn’t try and contact us to see what we would think,” Daniel B. Ryan III, the grandson of the late Cook County board President, told the Chicago Sun-Times. “We feel very honored, this is named after our grandfather. Why do you take an honor away from a man in honor of the other?”

Bill Daley, the change to currently sit as the third member of his family office in the Chicago mayor ‘ s in a statement earlier this month that the name for the highway. Daley, who served as Obama’s chief of staff in 2011, admitted it is already a stretch of highway named after the former President, but said that, given Obama’s ties to the Windy city, it is a fitting honor would be to rename the Dan Ryan Expressway, after the country’s 44th President.

“Our Chicago expressways are named after towering figures in our history: the Kennedy, Eisenhower, Stevenson,” Daley said in the statement. “We should do one for Obama, who is the only President from Chicago, and led the nation through the second-worst economic crisis in our history.”

The statement continued: “Barack Obama is from Chicago. He owns a house here. This is where the Obama library will be based. I’d like to see the legislature act on this, at the beginning of next year.”

Obama was born in Hawaii, but began his political career as a community organizer in Chicago before he was elected to the Illinois state Senate in 1997 and the US-represent the Senate in Illinois in 2004.

The Daley campaign also noted that it was designated a protection forest in Illinois, according to Ryan, but – as the Chicago Sun-Times pointed out, The Dan Ryan Woods are actually named after Ryan’s father, who was also involved in Chicago politics. Not to mention Daley, his own father was the person chosen to be the name of the Expressway to Ryan in the first place.

The Ryan family for their own political dynasty in Chicago.

Dan Ryan took his deceased father’s position on the county board in 1923 and held it for more than three decades. He led the push for a “data highway” connecting interstates 90 and 94, and finally became known as the second most powerful man in the city behind Daley.

Ryan died in 1961, just 18 months before the highway named for him to honor.


“It gave him knowledge means a lot, it was time for him,” Ryan III, said the grandfather. “That was bestowed a true honor him for all the work he has done. It was the culmination of a great career.”

Ryan III said that he believes a fan of Obama, but he that renaming idea is a vote-getting tactics of Daley. “Our family was honored by this for 56 years, and we want to keep it that way,” he told the Sun-Times.

It is unclear whether the state legislature Daley would support ‘ s proposal.

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