‘Moving more, and eating healthier is easier than you think”.

On the 17th of January to the Dump on Your new year’s Resolutions Day, a special day that was established because the majority of new year’s resolutions within three weeks of death. Do you want to be in 2020, moving more, and eating healthier? So if you do have to be full.

You will have One Adapter, help, trainer, positive motivation, not easily found in the gym. She doesn’t like to sweat, to work with.

But it is not necessary for you to stay healthy. “Just make sure you get your dose of exercise is 150 minutes per week, such as Health promotion. That is, it is much easier to maintain and to incorporate into your life.

Of 150 minutes per week is equivalent to thirty minutes per day. It can be easier than you might think, ” says Tromp. It does not have one, you can divide it in three times in ten minutes. It is close to the negative effects of prolonged sitting to go on. “Going into the break, for example, a ten-minute walk away, and be still. That way, you have only ten minutes for the rest of the day.”

The higher heart rate is good for blood circulation

What is important is that your heart rate goes up, ” says Janneke Wittekoek, vrouwenhartcardiologe and co-founder of the HeartLife Clinic. “Go at a faster pace than you normally would. Thus, make your blood flow going, as the muscles are the more oxygen is needed. Your heart must harder to pump.”

“You will raise your heart rate up by stair climbing, or cycling it with a heavy lovemaking session.”
Janneke Wittekoek, cardiology

Walking at a firm pace, by the way, is by no means the only way to get there. “It can also be done by walking the stairs, cycling or a brisk lovemaking session.”

Adapter offers even more tips for long-term sitting down is easy to in order to move more: if you want to have a night out on the seat, then in front of live television in lieu of Netflix. The complaints you get more. And if you have a lot of time at the computer, do not take a thermos flask of tea or coffee to your desk, all the way to the kitchen to get a new head for the weekend.”

Here’s how to do strength training without a gym

According to abena joan is also very important for your health: strength training. Especially when we get older. In our over fifty years of age, take the muscle off. And that is a disadvantage, inter alia, the suikerhuishouding.

Fortunately, all we need to do for strength training does not necessarily have to go to the gym. Strength-training exercises, you can easily do so by using your own body weight, for example, by means of the push-ups and squats.

Wittekoek: “There have been a variety of ‘7 Minutes’ -apps that allow you to in a matter of seven minutes, a series of floor exercises you can do. But it will also work in and around the home, household chores, walking up stairs, and you are now ready to lift into place in front of you to drag and drop, are good ways to allow your muscles to strengthen them.”

More beweegtips

Clean-up, gardening, cleaning, and the groceries out of the car and lift it… all of these are easy-to-apply ways to move around.

More advice from a cardiologist: “Go for walk, make phone calls, take your bike to work or park your car a few blocks away to get to the last part of the run. Steps to a bus stop too early, if you take the bus. You need to get on the bus or the train, to wait, to walk back and forth to lift the bag a couple of times. Always take the stairs and do the balancing on one leg, or a wallsit while you are brushing your teeth.”

Easy, healthy dinner

Be less healthy to eat? Also, it is important to be especially smart to grab said Adapter. Choose the vegetables that you like to eat or easy to prepare for it. You see, you do not want to? Buy them pre-cut. To make it as easy as possible, so that you will be healthy choices. Put the fruit into the line of sight, so that you will make it easier to use more of it to eat.

The reverse is also true: cookies and candy in sight, make sure that you will be easily tempted. “Do not buy it. Or, to put it in each and every case, it is not in the line of sight. Remember, in addition to the size of your tableware. The smaller plates you eat less and less, with the same feeling of fullness. Soft drinks? You have to drink less from a narrow, tall glass.”

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