Movie script All Stars is used for musical

Movie script All Stars is used for musical

The movies All Stars, starring Thomas Acda and Antonie Kamerling, be a musical. Director Job Gosschalk is working with Acda to the scenario.

In conversation with the AD to tell the two that the original script of the movie from 1999 inspiration for the musical.

“Some of the storylines are familiar, new, and I’m looking for in the scripts to jokes that are never in the film have come because they are on image is not working. In the theatre, which can that happen to be pieces from an old script new,” says Gosschalk, who previously also worked on the women of The Marathon.

In addition to some of the storylines, the music from the series back. The actors will be replaced, because according to Gosschalk, they are now old enough to be the fathers of the characters to play. “Maybe that’s indeed an idea.”

Acda writes new music for the series. Green as grass, the theme song of the series, returns and also When I saw you, at the time, sung by Antonie Kamerling, will be in the musical appear. “I remember suddenly that I still have somewhere a number to have lying around that I for the film wrote, but never been used. A The Boys are Back in Town-like song. I’m looking for it,” says Acda.

All Stars came in 1997 as a film, and then a series followed in 1999 and 2001, was shown on television. In 2011, Old Stars. The show is in season 2018-2019 to see in the Dutch theaters and will premiere on October 14, 2018 in the new Luxor Theater in Rotterdam.


Watch the trailer for All Stars 2: Old Stars

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