‘Movement at middle age makes for a clear mind as an older’

‘Movement at middle age makes for a clear mind as an older’

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Who in middle age sport, is picking up there at a later age the benefits of it. After a period of, on average, 25 years of age with an active people’s cognition better than inactive people.

Researchers from the universities of Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Turku examined the data from a cohort study among over three thousand Finnish twins.

From the statistics they conclude that physical activity (more active than a slow walk) is good for cognition, including memory. It is not that more exercise is by definition better. Moderate exercise is sufficient, according to the Finns.


The twins were, as a group, as a whole examined. Also were direct comparisons made between twins of which one half is more active than the other.

According to the Finnish researchers physical exercise has at all times cognitive benefits, regardless of lifestyle or demographic characteristics. Who is idle, has a significantly higher chance of mental disorders such as dementia.

The study confirms animal studies, which show that movement is good for the brain.

The results are published in the scientific journal Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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