Mourning Son ‘ gets post – ’cause horrorblessure’ Andre Gomes

Everton’s manager, Marco Silva, has been recorded for the Tottenham Hotspur attacker Son Heung-min for Sunday, and with a clumsy tackle has been responsible for the serious injury of the Goal. The Portuguese had something to do with the leg in an unnatural position on a stretcher, the field will behave.

“It was a hard tackle, but I’m 100 percent sure that the Son’s intention was to get André to do something about it,” said Silva after the match, in the interview with Sky Sports. “We’re talking about two great players. He would make such a thing never be aware of doing it.”

The incident occurred ten minutes before the time at Goodison Park. The goal was on a rush to the sideline and was stopped by a sliding of the Son, and the Everton midfielder is also at the up and coming Serge Aurier did.

And Son, received the initially yellow colour of the referee, Martin Atkinson, but that was in the red as the severity of the injury became clear. The base of the Goal, was compared to that of the arm sideways, to the disgust of the players around him.

The goal was to with a stretcher from the field, borne to the hospital, where it was determined that his ankle was broken. He is in Monday’s surgery, he was told, and Everton Sunday night in a statement on Twitter.

The players have to react in a shocked way to the injury of the Goal. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Son was crying in the dressing room’

Son, who put his hands in front of his face, I was struck by the severity of the injury, from the Goal was, and is still out in the field, it was sent out, it was after the match (1-1) – Liverpool have him.

“Son, it is all the way from the start. He was crying so hard in the locker room, his head couldn’t even lift it,” said his team-mate Dele Alli. “Son, it is one of the nicest people out there, and someone who would love to meet you if you don’t know him. He’s been there all the way through it right now, but it’s not his fault.”

The Tottenham manager, Mauricio Pochettino, had very little understanding of the decision of the referee Atkinson to the Son, yet the red show. “It was clear that it was never his intention for it was to be a person with a serious injury or harm. It’s hard to believe that he was a red was given, so maybe we are going to be in the profession.”

“I want to be yet, but the Everton leader, Lucas Digne and Séamus Coleman to thank for the fact that the game was still in our locker room, came up to the Son to support the” continued Pochettino. “It is, of course, also the afflicted one and the same is true for all of us. We have been in our minds from the Goal, and wish him the best of luck.”

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