Mourning orca mother still dead calf for more than two weeks later on the tour of grief’

A grieving mother whale still wearing her death a half calf for about two weeks, which scientists say is that a part of her grief.

(David Ellifrit/Center for Whale Research via AP)

An endangered orca was spotted Wednesday still clinging to her dead and decomposing calf, more than two weeks after her newborn died in what scientists have said is an “unprecedented” show of grief.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration told Q13FOX the department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada saw the whale known as the J35, the wearing of the calf at the top of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.

The whale was first spotted wearing the calf on her nose and in her mouth on 24 July. Biologists from the Center for Whale Research investigated and found the calf was only briefly in life, and since then, has perished.

In this file photo taken on Tuesday, July 24, 2018, provided by the Center for Whale Research, a baby orca being pushed by her mother after the birth of the canadian coast near Victoria, British Columbia

(David Ellifrit/Center for Whale Research via AP)


Ken Balcomb, the founder of the Center for Whale research, earlier told Q13FOX that the J35’s actions were a “tour of grief” and that the mother’s actions were “unprecedented.”

An audio recording, believed to be the mother orca taken earlier this month, featured calls that “sad and prominent,” according to Q13FOX. Images of the mother clinging to the dead calf have struck an emotional chord around the world.



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In addition to the mother, researchers with Fisheries and Ocean Canada spotted another member of the same pod on Wednesday, a 3 ½ – year-old whale, known as J50, who is emaciated.

A team of experts led by NOAA Fisheries have been searching for the young whale to assess its health, and the potential of her medication.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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