Motorola is working to smartphonescherm that self-repairs

Motorola is working to smartphonescherm that self-repairs

Photo: Motorola

Motorola is working on a self-healing smartphonescherm, that heat is used to crack to make them disappear.

The company has a patent on the technology, discovered The Verge Thursday.

For the screen, is a type of plastic used in its original form of ‘remember’. If the plastic is distorted hit, it can be heated to return to this original form.

Images from the patent


In the patent is a repair app are described which ensures that behind the screen heating comes on. This would lead to cracks in the screen will automatically disappear. Also the body of the smartphone-owner could be used to crack remove.

It seems unlikely that the technology will soon actually in smartphones will appear. As far as is known, the development of the special plastic is still in a very early phase. Tech questions regularly for patents on technologies that they do not directly want to use.

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