Mother shocked to discover ‘Frog and toad’ shirt for daughter recommended the vulgar sense

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Frequent online shoppers know that the purchases do not always turn out as expected, but one Illinois woman was shocked to find the t-shirt she bought for her young daughter read “f— of the police.”

Earlier this week, Kelsey Dawn Williamson was shocked to see the offensive meaning on an otherwise innocent white “Frog and toad” shirt she bought for her daughter, Salem, 3.

The Benton woman ordered the top of the China shop where she regularly shops for her child, without issue, BuzzFeed News reports.

“Salem probably has 50-plus several small boutique outfits from my favorite store on AliExpress,” Williamson told the outlet.


Therefore, the mother expects nothing else as she bought the “Kids Two Frog Drive Design Baby Boys/Girl t-shirt Kids Funny Short Sleeve Tops Kids Cute T-Shirt,” earlier this month. According to BuzzFeed, the top, which features the characters from the beloved children’s book series, riding a bike, sells for about $5.

Opening the package on Tuesday, Williamson said that they “froze” at the discovery, Kidspot reports.

If Williamson couldn’t help but laugh at the fashion fail, she also shared the story and photos of Salem in the top on her Facebook page, where it has since gone viral.
( / Kelsey Dawn Williamso)

“I literally do not know how to respond, so I have a few moments to look and try to handle it,” the parent told BuzzFeed. “Of all the things they might have added, why is that? On a child-size t-shirt?” she asked, referring to the illegal sentence, that is a lyric in a popular N. W. A. song from the 80’s.

Calls her husband to share the news, the couple “lost” with a smile and a “just cried together.”

If Williamson couldn’t help but laugh at the fashion fail, she also shared the story and photos of Salem in the top on her Facebook page, where it has since gone viral with more than 62,000 likes and 30,000 shares – a result, Williamson said that she never would have predicted.

“Originally I just told the t-shirt with only my friends, until one of them wanted to share it on their profile, so I made it public,” she told Kidspot. “I was certainly not expecting to go this far. It all happened so fast.”

“Salem can’t read, so they had no idea what was going on,” the mother added.

The controversial top, as sold by Amazon, shown without the incredible sense Kelsey Dawn Williamson found on a children’s t-shirt for her young daughter.


Unfortunately, Williamson reported that she has been attacked online by negative commenters, who blasted her for that her daughter is in the top, and mocked the little girl’s weight.

“Salem is 3 and can’t read. I am not buying. This is what I was sent,” she clarified in an edited Facebook post. “No, they will not wear in public.”

“‘Why would you take a picture??'” Would you also not a liar,” she continued.

Williamson continued to say that her daughter “sees specialists for her weight’, and that neither she nor her husband is to blame for the case ” out of our control.”

“Just laughing at the funny shirt,” she concluded.

“It is so ridiculous,” Williamson said Kidspot of the negative attention. “The tears flowed last night. I almost even deleted, I just wanted to stop.”


“I can still see the mean comments now and then, but it has become easier to just ignore it,” she dished. “But nothing will stop me from putting the shirt right [in] Salem’ s baby box, with her other important items!”

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