Mother gives various accounts about the night 2 girls died

KEARNEY, Mo. – The mother of two young girls who died on July Fourth, after they were found outside a northwest Missouri home told police she fell asleep in a car and she didn’t breathe when she woke up, according to the recently released court records.

Applications for the search warrants in the case against Jenna Boedecker, 29, of Kearney also indicate a social worker from the Missouri Children’s division in Clay County was for the family to stay for less than three hours before Boedecker daughters were found dead by the emergency services.

Clay County deputies who were called to the home on July Fourth found 2-year-old Ireland Autumn Jane Ribando and baby Goodknight Beretta June Ribando death. The Clay County Sheriff’s Office in the first instance not suspect foul play, but later asked police to help with the case. The authorities have not said how the girls died, but they are excluded from water -, road-or firearms causes.

Boedecker has not been charged with the girls’ deaths. She is imprisoned on charges arising from an alleged dispute with her husband the night before the girls were discovered.

Boedecker told authorities after they had a fight with her husband, she was locked out of the house and not have her key, according to a search warrant affidavit. She said that the girls in the family Jeep and fell asleep with them. In a second search warrant affidavit, Boedecker told detectives she put the girls in the Jeep, so they wouldn’t hear her arguing with her husband, and then briefly dozed off.

Boedecker said when she woke up, she tried to revive the girls with water, and eventually took them to the house of a neighbor, who called 911. She tried to cool the girls with wet rags and fans, but were not successful, the affidavit said.

Before that conversation, a social worker, JaQuan Humphrey went to the home in response to an invitation to make an assessment in the house. Humphrey he told the police saw the car was running, but that is not approach, because “he didn’t want anyone to think that he would be prowling around cars in a rural area,” police said.

After getting no response to several knocks on the door, he walked past the car, and not someone inside, according to the affidavit, but he acknowledged that he would not have seen children in the back seat or an adult in the front and she fell over.

Boedecker faces three felony charges arising from the alleged disagreement with her husband, Joseph Ribando. He told the police Boedecker threw a stone in the direction of his car and then rammed him with the Jeep before he left home. Ribando told the police that he thought the children were in the house when he left.

Boedecker has pleaded not guilty. On Monday, a judge rejected her request to have her bond lowered so she could attend the girls ‘ funerals. Online court records do not name an attorney for Boedecker.

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