Mother claims Ryanair staff sent her autistic son in ‘meltdown’ for the flight, praised Jet2 for ‘outstanding’ response

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A mother in the UK says that they will never fly Ryanair again after airline staff reportedly sent her 15-year-old son with severe autism, who was traveling in the company of a caretaker, in a “meltdown” for, allegedly, to insist that his caregiver pay a (hand) luggage fee for the teenager toys pop. The disturb episode ended with the intervention of the police and a doctor.

The mother went on to praise the airline Jet2 for the treatment of her son with “kindness, dignity and respect” for their help with the rebooking of her son and his companion on a new flight without a problem, in the wake of the frustrating ordeal.

On April 27, Helen Estella, of Doncaster, Yorkshire, England, took to Facebook to share her side of the story in a post that has since gone viral with more than 80,000 shares and 15,000 comments, the Metro reports.

Estella is started with the effect that her son, Leo, was preparing to fly from the Airport of Alicante in Spain to the uk, that evening, as things quickly took a turn for the worse.


According to the woman, Leo has the mental capacity of a 3-year-old and was he was sorry “if they are not in him are pop and demanded payment of the carry-on luggage,” she wrote on Facebook. She said Ryanair staff “refused to let him fly home.”

According to the Metro, the employees with the airline insisted his caregiver pay a $32 fee to have the pop on the plane. Estella, meanwhile, said that the Ryanair employees there is the fuss – although Leo’s companion “had not once refused the payment” – but the damage was already done.

“The police were called and 4/5 of them surrounded [Leo]… she hit him without his awareness, and his doll that caused his meltdown. Special assistance had been requested as not all the restrictions are visible, but we were told not by Ryanair because Leo can walk,” Estella wept. “He had to go to the airport doctor and medicated as he was so afraid.”

The mother continued to claim that Ryanair unloaded pair left and “offered them no other way to get home.”

The mother continued to claim that Ryanair unloaded pair left and “offered them no other way to get home.”

In a moment of “despair” of Leo the caretaker went to the Jet2 desk to ask for help — and their reaction to the situation “extraordinary,” said Estella.

In response, compassionate Jet2 ground staff called Anna, Mark and Ellie came to Leo’s side as soon as the teen companion he has bought air tickets, help to calm him down in a “great” way, Estella worked out.

The mother went on to say thank you Jet2 for their employees support through a difficult time, and beat Ryanair for the way the situation transpired.

“Jet2 I can’t thankyou enough for getting my disabled vulnerable boy home .. and treat him with kindness .. dignity and respect,” she wrote online. “Autistic children need extra processing time .. not Spanish Police threatens him with injections!”

In a moment of “despair” of Leo the caretaker went to the Jet2 desk to ask for help – and their reaction to the situation “extraordinary,” said Estella.


“I will not be patronizing this company again,” Estella closed. “I’m planning to do a follow-up to this incident.”

Reps for Ryanair, meanwhile, offered a different account of the events is approached by Fox News for comment.

“These teen passenger and his caregiver were provided with special assistance through the airport of Alicante after the check-in. (Any help in Alicante is provided by the Airport Authority,) ‘ spokesperson said on 30 April via e-mail.

“At passport control, the teenager was agitated and aggressive towards his caregiver and the caregiver took the decision not to travel. The passengers were then taken to the airport medical assistance team where the region of the passenger receive sedation,” the rep continued. “If the two passengers never arrived at the Ryanair Boarding gate, their luggage was transferred, at the request of Alicante, passport control staff, who advised Ryanair’s gate agents that they had decided not to travel.”


“These two passengers did not arrive at the gate, and therefore, they were not ‘denied boarding’ and they were not charged for any hand luggage,” the Ryanair spokesman said.

Also representatives of Jet2 offered Fox News the following statement on their side of the story:

“I would like to thank our colleagues for the support of Leo and his family, and I’m glad that our help and care enabled them to enjoy their journey home,” Phil Ward, director of, it said. “Our dedicated team of Client Helpers on the ground, together with our cockpit and cabin crew, are always ready to help.”

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