Mother, 50, claims that she is constantly mistaken for her teenage son’s “sexy sister”

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Incredible pictures of a man’s mother who is on social media as his girlfriend.

This is a 50-year-old mother from the uk has said that they are constantly being held up for her 17-year-old son is a sexy nurse.

Shany Hagan, who frequently appears on the british soap opera “Emmerdale,” she says, to constantly be asked for ID to prove her age when she orders a drink in a bar, trying to buy wine in a grocery store, or even look at a restricted movie at the cinema.

York, England-based actress, who stars as an extra on the soap opera, credits her youthful looks to be have been released as a single.

Hagan has revealed that she’s stopped updating it because people kept asking me if she is with her dad,” her son, Tom, has been banned for some of his friends, who come to their home once they have noticed that is seems to be


As soon as the mother-of-one allegedly almost caused a car accident, as when a 30-something driver was too busy to take a look, and he almost pulled out in front of a pick-up truck.

“I haven’t been to the age a little bit, because I’m 21 and people still think I’m the age that they are, to me,” Hagan claimed. “It was a nightmare when I was younger, when no one took me seriously, but I am now reaping the rewards, as I look 30 years younger.”

Shany Hagan, 50, pictured with her son, Tom, is 17. The woman claims that she entered the dating, because she’s always asked whether she is “her father.”
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“Everyone is shocked when I tell them my age and they wanted to know my secret. It’s simple, I’m single,” she continued. “It keeps me young. I don’t have the stress of dealing with a man. I can come and go, and if I am, then that means that I don’t have any wrinkles or worry lines.”

“I think that people are staring at me, asking if I’ve had Botox, or facial fillers, but I don’t get it all done.”

However, Hagan appears to be a particular disadvantage for you to look at the younger people won’t accept her as a parental figure.

“When I was married and pregnant with a strangers, it gave me bad looks in the assumption that I was a teenage mum-to-be, if, in fact, I was worried that I left it too late, since I was 32,” she said.

“No one spoke to me at the school gate, he was older, because she thought I wasn’t old enough to look after him, and even now as I am a foreign student, then they will continue to ask my mom if they ask, I’m a teenager.”


“It’s funny now, but it was a shocker when I was younger. I don’t have a lot of friends, and was isolated as the other mums thought I was some kind of Lolita, who would steal from their guy,” Hagan came up with.

The actress split from her husband, partly because he disliked the attention she attracted — only to find new hurdles when they started dating.

“I would never want to be a cougar and go out with someone younger, I want to feel safe and cared for by an older man,” she said. “But it’s not romantic, and if other people ask you if the man you’re with to be your father.”

“Once upon a time, I was in a pub on a third date with a guy who I really liked, and rugby, and the team was coming in, and some of the guys started to point out before, they asked me why I was with my dad, and my date was mad,” she claimed. “She’s ended up fighting while I sneak out the front door. I never saw him again.”

Her son, Tom, is forbidden for her to go to school, play, parenting, and in the evening, and to all his friends from the age of 13 years old because of her looks.


“He would go bright red if anyone saw me with him,” she said. “I spoke with him and was able to get to the bus stop and the boys get on the bus and began banging on the windows and calling me ‘sexy’ and ‘ wolf-whistling.”

“He was offended, and said,” I could not be with him.”

Hagan was crowned Miss Congeniality in the Ms. Galaxy UK pageant, runner-up in the Face of the World — the saving of 3000 other women, and the third is in the Smile of the Universe.

In addition to the single, but she says that she keeps the wrinkles at bay by applying honey on her face for a half hour every night before I go to bed.

She also eats organic fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water and get eight hours of sleep every night.

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