Most of the hospitals have stopped the sale of energy drinks

Most of the hospitals in the Netherlands have been stopped, or stop the sale of energy drinks. It is now around 90 per cent of the hospitals, the reports of the Dutch Association of Hospitals (NVZ) on Monday after a private survey.

At the beginning of this year, they were only about seven of the hospitals have stopped the sale of the controversial beverages. Meanwhile, the number had risen to 75. According to the NVZ, there are seven hospitals, with the entrance in the with their shops, restaurants, and vending machines.

How to change the drankassortiment for the seven institutions is difficult, because the outlets will have to be outsourced. They do however lay down rules concerning the sale of energy drinks. For example, the products can sometimes face drawn, and there are some of the sites also have strict check age according to the advocate.

“We have been to hospitals a year ago, with the urgent advice to stop the sale of energy drinks,” explains a spokesperson from the NVZ. “But in the end, the hospitals themselves are responsible.” The organization does not exclude the possibility that the house, at a later point in time to demand a stop to the sale.

The debate over whether or not to provide drinks with the skin on once, pediatricians called for a ban on the sale of energy drinks to minors in any way. They warn about the high caffeine as sugar, into the respective drinks.

Nutrition centre: ‘energy drinks not a healthy choice

The Nutrition centre (voedingscentrum) recommends that children under the age of thirteen occasionally energy drinks, and to drink it. Due to the caffeine it contains is a maximum of one can a day is recommended to children over thirteen years of age, pregnant women, and for women who are breast-feeding.

“Energy drinks are not a healthy choice”, is the advice. “It is better to use them only by way of exception to drink it.” It is also recommended against energy drinks before or during your work out to consume or have alcohol to drink.

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