Most football clubs dare to play on grass again

Most football clubs dare to play on grass again

The vast majority of football clubs with artificial turf on their fields, dare it again to play.

Reports that RTL News after investigation.

Now the national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has concluded that the rubber granulate on those fields that have no health risks yield, 85 per cent of the clubs who doubted decided again to make use of them.

Of the 208 clubs that RTL News approached, gave 176 that the advice of the RIVM to take over and the artificial turf again to enter.

Some clubs remain reluctant and show, for example, no young children on artificial turf. One club decided the grass how to replace.


In response to the concerns was a broadcast of tv programme Zembla. Experts explained therein, a connection between the rubber crumb on artificial turf fields and cancer.

But the RIVM found that the relationship was not, and concluded after additional research that the substances in the grains are only in very low amounts released. Health risks are “practically negligible”, according to the institute.

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