Moscow protests against inspection of diplomatic premises by Americans

Moscow protests against inspection of diplomatic premises by Americans

Photo: AFP

Russia has Saturday, the second-highest U.s. diplomat in the country on the mat is called. Moscow is protesting against the planned search of the Russian trade mission in Washington.

This is reported in the ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow in a statement.

The inspection of Russian diplomatic buildings is “illegal”, a “gross violation of diplomatic immunity” and “an aggressive act without precedent”.

American secret services have the opportunity for “anti-Russian provocations” by “biased articles” to install. If the United States is not binding, as stated in the declaration, Russia with American diplomatic posts do the same as the Americans with the Russian.


Russia had no later than Saturday, diplomatic posts in Washington and New York have closed in the jousting between the United States and Russia. Also a post in San Francisco should be close.

The diplomatic fight began with the expulsion, at the end of last year, by then the president Obama of 35 Russian diplomats because Russia would have mixed in the U.s. elections.

At the end of July, the Congress to impose sanctions against Russia for the issue, which the united states is the number of staff at its diplomatic posts in Russia, with many hundreds had to return it.

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