Morocco pulls troops away from part of Western Sahara

Morocco pulls troops away from part of Western Sahara

Photo: AFP

The Moroccan government has on Sunday announced that they are unilaterally the troops retreating from a strained zone in the extreme south of the Western Sahara.

The government pulls the troops away from the region of Guerguerat near the coast and the border with Mauritania.

In the region, the Polisario Front are active. That front is committed to Algerian support to the independence of the Western Sahara. Officially, there is since 1991 by the United Nations reached a cease-fire between Polisario and Morocco.

It is not clear why the Moroccans there to get away, but the government reported that the withdrawal by king Mohammed VI, has been ordered at the insistence of the UN-chef António Guterres.


The Western Sahara is a dry, sparsely populated former Spanish colony by Morocco and Mauritania in 1975, it was incorporated. Since 1979, Morocco is almost everywhere the boss and Rabat claimed it as Moroccan territory. No other country has formally endorsed the Moroccan occupation of the desert area that is almost seven times as large as our country and only 580.000 inhabitants.

The annexation of the area is internationally not a priority and has moved quite silently celebrated. Nevertheless, it can be for unexpected problems. European judges, for example, by the end of 2015 the European vrijhandelsverdrag with Morocco from 2012 will be declared void, because the treaty text nothing says about the occupied Western Sahara, while Moroccan products come from. This case is still pending.

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