More than two-thousand people at Area 51, the U.s. is not attacked

More than two-thousand people will be this Friday at Area 51, the mysterious testing grounds of the U.s. air force. Five people are in jail. The people who gathered at the site in Nevada as a comment on the Facebook-event (Storm, Area 51′.

The sponsor of the event, and had the men called to the complex on Friday to storm off. In total, said more than 2 million people, according to local media, have around 2,300 people show up.

As a part of the attendance wore costumes and masks, or have had signs taken away.

Area 51 is an area in the united states. There will be a new aircraft being tested, and pilots have to get training. However, to believe some of the people that the Us government is secretly and alien creatures of all.

Us authorities had warned the people in advance, in order not to have to come out of the fear that the event would end up in a mess. But that’s not the case.

Five people are arrested

I am knew to the high-security gate to pass through and temporarily detained, but has since been released.

The two visitors were also arrested after they tried to get the site to come up. Two visitors were stopped by the police for indecent behavior and use of alcohol.

“The people here are mostly to get a look at what’s going on,” said an officer. “They come here to have fun.”

Dutch Youtubers held in Area 51

The two Dutch Youtubers have already been detained after they tried to get Area 51 access. The two have been Thursday morning (local time), and released after a fine breakfast included in the price of the 2.280-dollar (about 2.100€).

The duo also dismissed, according to the police, warning signs in the area and drove about 5 miles to the area.

The agents took the equipment, and presence in the space. The couple had been planning to make a video about the trip, and upload it.


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