More than two thousand buildings have been destroyed by wildfires in Australia

The natural fires in the Australian state of New South Wales, and more than two thousand buildings were destroyed, with over 744 houses, the local fire departments on Saturday will be announced.

There are a total of 2.454 buildings in the vlammenzeeën had been destroyed. In addition to 744 homes, there is 1.659 outdoor structures such as barns were lost, as well as 51 other types of buildings.

The fire department also reports that more than a thousand buildings, including 288 residential units, damage will have occurred. More than twelve thousand buildings were saved from the destructive forces of nature.

The fire is raging, not only in New South Wales, but also in the neighbouring states of Victoria and Queensland. More than 1 million hectares (ha) of nature has been lost. Four people have been through the fire and the life to come.

The fires, which have been in business since August in the country take place, is also a huge increase of CO2 emissions causing nearly half of the more than Australia’s annual greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Guardian Australia.

The fires in the states of New South Wales and Queensland, and have since the 1st of August, and together, 250 million metric tons of CO2 produced. By 2018, the total CO2 emission in Australia due to greenhouse gases, to 532 million tonnes a year.

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