More than these five pans, you don’t need

More than these five pans, you don’t need

Sometimes it seems as if you are for any court in a separate pan must be used. It is not necessary, is Severine, Meijer, horecadocent and a private chef. They are called the five pan is where you really can’t do without.
In a large skillet

“In the first place, as a home cook in a big saucepan is needed”, says Severine, Meijer, teacher at Hospitality Academy, and a private chef for a fine dining and small catering services. The pan is especially good for pasta or potatoes to boil, or stew, to make. “If you do not have a pan are required, which is great as it is.”

According to Meijer, we are likely to get most of our food, in a small saucepan to stop it. “And that’s what makes it hard, if you continue to stir, mash, or puree,” she says. In short, it is better to place it in the pan, then it is fine.

“You can do clams feel free to prepare it in a large stew pot.”
Severine, Meijer, horecadocent

Large pots such as a stockpot or a mussel pan is not, per se, is required in the kitchen. “A mussel pan is the typical high-top – it can be very helpful, because of the unique plot and the mussels in the pan and you can serve it. But the mussels, you can easily be prepared in a large stew pot.”

In the same pan, you can also have lots of vegetables to steam, a heat-resistant strainer to use it. This, in any case, the stoompan to be unnecessary.

In a small saucepan

A saucepan is vital in the kitchen, it is easy to heat small amounts of it. “If you are with a gravy, some butter, or add a sauce) would be binding, it is a resort, very convenient,” says Meijer. “You can take the pot with one hand and with the other hand and with a hand blender or a whisk.”

A good non-stick fry pan

Third: the non-stick fry pan. “This is a great pan for food, a slow thread. A stew, for example, but also, for example, a pasta sauce or a curry sauce. As the pan heats up slowly. Once it gets warmed up, he stays hot for a long time at a constant temperature.”

Chefs cooking, usually without the lids, so that they will be able to see what’s in the pot is done. Meijer: “This is a typical example of a pan, where you actually have a lid so that the dish is not dry.”

Here are the five pots that you need.

  • A large cooking pot
  • Pan
  • Non-stick fry pan
  • Frying pan
  • Grill in a grill pan

A antiaanbakpan

Also, in a frying pan with non-stick coating – not to be missed in the kitchen. For the preparation of meat, poultry or fish, or an omelet. “A good frying pan can be a lot of fun, as long as you’re gentle cooking utensils are used. Otherwise, be careful not to damage the non-stick coating,” said Meijer.

The non-stick coating, consisting of a PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), more commonly known as teflon, has a lot to do, been there. In 2012, it was a hive of PTFE, peruorooctanoic acid (PFOA), officially known to be associated with cancer and cancer treatment. Since it’s 2015, most of the producers of PFOA-free for more in a pan with non-stick coating. Instead, they use other, less harmful, substances.

The Consumers ‘ association, which took place on the Dutch market, does not have any pans with a PFOA-free. However, it turned out that about half of the test pan in spite of the non-stick coating still attack came as no oil or fat is used.

In a pan, for grilling

If the latter, to Meijer, to the grill in a grill pan. “A grill in a grill pan, you can make bread, vegetable or meat with a particular taste to it. Also, give your food a texture due to the alignment that is created,” says Meijer. “In addition, it is in the pan, especially in the winter months and a nice alternative to the barbecue, which allows your dishes even more flavored than the first time.

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