More than the 800,000 French people to the streets to protest against pension reforms

More than 806.000 of the protesters are in the streets in France to protest against the president of france, Emmanuel Macron, announced reforms. That the report of the French newspaper, Le Monde, according to figures from the ministry of the Interior and kingdom relations.

In the country, was on Thursday, hundreds of people demonstrated. Because of this, it was a French train, subway, and traffic is largely flat. Were also many, many schools will be closed.

While the demonstration is relatively peaceful were met with the protesters in Rennes, Bordeaux and Paris, in a clash with the police. In Paris of 57 protesters arrested after the riots, the French police also used tear gas deployed.

After the strike, on Thursday, several trade unions announced that the strike would continue. The airline Air France announced on Friday, the 30 per cent domestic and 10 per cent of medium-haul flights to be cancelled.

Also, the train station and is happy to be in France for the next few days will still be affected by the strike. In Paris, are on Friday, for example, ten of the sixteen lines of the metro still.

68Politie seize hard, not to protest against French pension reform

Unrest due to announced reforms

The nationwide strike is in response to the Macron announced reforms. In order to save money, it wants to be the president of a universal pension system, to input, to the dissatisfaction of many French people. There are 42 special pension schemes for different sectors of economy. These workers often receive relatively high pensions and be allowed to take an early retirement.

According to the trade unions, the reforms proposed will ensure that the employees have to work beyond the statutory pensionleeftijd 62 if the retired are to receive is that they have been promised.

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