More than a “photo op” in the Trump-Kim summit: Leslie Marshall

closevideo what to expect from the President Trump the second summit meeting with Kim Jong-Un?

President Trump heads to Hanoi, meet Vietnam with North Korea’s leader; the reaction and the analysis from the ‘Special Report’ All-Star panel.

The expectations for President trump are much higher, as he meets with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un for the second summit, argued democratic strategist Leslie Marshall.

The President and Kim are scheduled to take a two-day summit in Hanoi, Vietnam, in the hope that North Korea denuclearize and peace on the Korean Peninsula.


During the Fox News “Special Report” All-Star Panel,” Marshall-Fox News-politics-editor-in-chief Chris Stirewalt, and “The Next Revolution” host Steve Hilton weighed in on the political Dimension, the Trump in the middle of the summit.


Marshall told the panel that the “dealmakers” had a “good photo op and a bump in the polls” after the 2018 summit with Kim Jong-Un in Singapore, but that “we can’t change this” and predicted that this summit is only a repetition.

“Dan Coats said, and I agree with him 100% that Kim Jong-Un, the weapons of mass destruction. The ceiling is his calmness,” said Marshall. “Unless we are heavy and do not press on the complete denuclearization, we are taking baby steps towards our goal, because in a sense, in this context, Kim Jong-Un holds the cards, and we are not getting anywhere. What kind of a deal we have? Really nothing, and I fear that we have of it.”

Steve Hilton, expressed a bit more optimism, saying that the “process is the goal” and that the fact that both Nations speak, is a “positive result.”


“If a other President, whether Republican or Democrat, had come to this point by first China, this relationship start to participate in the print campaign, and then really new so, that we are talking about, rather than on the edge of a nuclear disaster, you would be hailed as a foreign policy genius,” Hilton argued.

In the meantime, stock Stirewalt to the fact that “time” was always on the side of the North Koreans and that part of the lure in this week of the summit, Kim Jong-Un with Vietnam thriving economy.

“The President of the promise, Kim is always, ‘come on, play ball with me and you’ll be rich at the end, their country will be rich at the end, and you’ll see rapid growth.’ Whether or not, this is not a real thing, I know it,” Stirewalt said the panel.

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