More than a hundred Venezuelan security forces flights to Colombia

Something more than a hundred members of the Venezuelan security forces since Saturday, has deserted and from Colombia fled. Reports that the Colombian immigration. There are less than the Venezuelan opposition had hoped for.

“So far, the Colombian immigration something more than a hundred members of the Venezuelan armed forces received their country have left, running for the dictatorship of Maduro,” said the service Sunday in a statement.

Saturday tried the Venezuelan opposition urgently needed relief supplies from Colombia and Brazil over the closed border to Venezuela. It ended at a wall of tanks, soldiers and tear gas. The requested support of the opposition to the Venezuelan army remained, because the number of defectors manageable remained.

In riots near the Brazilian border were certainly three people killed. Almost three hundred people were injured.

The United States will, according to Reuters, Monday concrete proposals to address the situation in Venezuela to change. The government of president Donald Trump supports the self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaidó, just as more than fifty other countries.

Monday met vice-president Mike Pence Guaidó and various South American regeringskopstukken to discuss the situation. “What Saturday happened, will not prevent us from bringing humanitarian aid to Venezuela to get inside,” says a U.s. government official. This weekend were American convoys blocked from Venezuela could not reach.


Guards abandon post at the border with Venezuela

New sanctions against Maduro as possible

Probably get president Nicolas Maduro to do with new sanctions against his government. Brazil repeated the call to Guaidó international as president to acknowledge. The country is called the stopping of humanitarian aid a “criminal act” and calls on the international community for Venezuela to break free. China and Russia condemn the sanctions against Venezuela and to continue to Maduro support.

Madruo calls Guaidó a “pawn of America” and called in front of a crowd that Trump his hands of Venezuela need to dissuade.

Venezuela for years burdened by a political and economic crisis. Due to extreme inflation, many Venezuelans struggling to satisfy first levenbehoeften. Since 2015, there are sure to 2.7 million citizens fled, mostly to neighboring Colombia.

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