More than a hundred killed in bombing raid on a prison in Yemen

In an air strike on a building that used to be a prison in the south-west of Yemen, according to the Red Cross for more than a hundred people, and for the life to come. Also, there are more than fifty people were injured.

The building was located in the province of Dhamar, just south of the capital, sana’a. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia, stated the coalition confirmed the attack but said that it was going to be a bombing raid on a military depot for the drones, and missiles.

“We have to have all of the precautions to be taken in order to protect civilians,” said the coalition in a statement. According to the spokesman of the Houthi rebels on the Saudi coalition in the building, the prisoners were being held.

In the civil war with the Saudi coalition-backed Yemeni government and the Houthi rebels have been tens of thousands of civilian casualties, as required. The battles take a while for the past four years.

Because of the famine, as a result of the war, the United Nations is more of a humanitarian disaster. With more than 24 million people are dependent on emergency aid, half of which is completely dependent on food aid.


Why is the war in Yemen for the past four years

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