“More than a hundred injured in a train station New Jersey –

“More than a hundred injured in a train station New Jersey –

Photo: AFP

A passenger train on Thursday derailed and the train to Hoboken in the American city of New Jersey ended up in. It would be more than a hundred people injured.

On photos is to see that the train is a lot of damage has been done to the station. A part of the roof has collapsed.

The train traffic from and to the station is shut down. A spokesman for the emergency services in New Jersey reports to ABC News that more than a hundred people were injured, including some seriously injured. Also there are people trapped in the train.

It is not yet clear what the cause of the accident, but several passengers report that the train little speed reduced and doorschoot. at the station, causing the front of the train station binnenreed.

Video: Injured in train accident in railway station New Jersey


At the station next to ambulance staff and firefighters also rescue workers to search for victims who might be under the rubble.

Hoboken is a city where many people live who are travelling to New York for their work. The city faces New York.

Train station, Hoboken

A passenger train on Thursday derailed at the station of Hoboken.
© Richman

The photos show a big mess.

Bystanders take photographs of the damage.
© Richman

Emergency services are provided at the station.

The damage to the train station of New Jersey.

There is help provided on the site of the accident.

Photos show that a part of the roof of the station collapsed.
© McCabe

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