More than 1000 parkrangers in the last ten years killed

In ten years ‘ time had more than a thousand wildlife rangers life during the performance of their job. Four out of five were killed by violence from poachers or armed militias.

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According to The Thin Green Line Foundation (TTGLF), the Australian organization that park rangers educates and accompanies in low-income countries and conflict zones, over the past decade, more than a thousand wildlife rangers killed during the exercise of their function.

In 80 percent of the cases involved a situation where the park ranger violent was addressed by poachers or armed militias.

For the three days dead

Park rangers are the men and women who are deployed in nature reserves and national parks to the fragile ecosystem of these places and the animals that live there, to guard.

According to TTGLF, they are often low-paid and enjoy them enough recognition for their work, especially given the fact that poachers are increasingly fearless. The organization has figures showing that “every three days, a park ranger comes to life, often violent, by the means of machetes or guns in the hands of criminal poachers.”

To the park rangers to prepare them better for their task, a team of specialists appropriate training for park rangers developed which will be rolled out by organisations such as the International Ranger Federation, the Global Tiger Forum, PAMS Foundation and WWF.

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“It is important that park rangers are well trained to do their work safely able to exercise, and with success,” says Wayne Lotter of the PAMS Foundation, a wildlife that is active in Tanzania. “The development of this new programme is an important step in the professionalisation and recognition of the anti-stroperijwerk of park rangers.”


Poaching of rare animals such as elephants, rhinos and tigers to target, use more and more violence to reach their goal. If park rangers are not against the, often sophisticated methods of the poachers are members, they bring not only their mission but also their own life is in danger.

“The illegal trade in products derived from wild animals, makes for enormous losses of certain species. The anti-poaching training must be so much more effective so that park rangers, the animals better be able to protect against this threat,” says Sean Wilmore from the International Ranger Federation.

Illegal dierhandel is estimated to be the fourth most lucrative source of illegal income, good for at least $ 19 billion per year.

Last year showed in a study from the WWF that law enforcement in Asia and Africa, almost all of them testified that they ever had a life-threatening situation had experienced during the course of their work. Half of the surveyed park rangers indicated that they are not adequately equipped and inadequately trained to deal with such dangerous situations. (IPS)

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