More than 100 people injured in Delhi in a protest against the controversial burgerschapswet

In protest against the controversial new burgerschapswet Sunday in the Indian capital of New Delhi, more than a hundred injured, in some cases. For the past five days has been uneasy, in India, in accordance with the law, which critics described it as racist.

With the new law, and religious minorities from the neighbouring countries of Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, and the Indian nationality. The law applies to documented and undocumented, christians, hindus, and sikhs, but not muslims.

That would be the law of the hindoenationalistische the government of prime minister Narendra Modi in the Indian secular constitution, undermining, say the opponents.

On Wednesday escalated its protests against the law, after some of the changes that have been approved by the european parliament.

Since been found in several places in India, riots take place.

Plaster cast in hospital

In the capital city of New Delhi, was Sunday night for the third night in a row, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets, including local residents and college students. The Jamia Millia Islamia University clashed with the demonstrators and with police, who used tear gas and batons fly.

The authorities at the two local hospitals said that more than a hundred injured, many of them have broken bones. The plaster of paris in one of the hospitals would have run out of it.

A burning bus during a protest in New Delhi on Sunday (Picture: Reuters).

The unknown of how many people are stuck

The police said that the rally out of hand, then walked with protestors, buses on fire have begun to arise. “If it’s a peaceful protest that had been, we would have had to peaceful ends,” said Chinmoy Biswal, a senior police officer in the area.

How many people have picked up on this and the previous demonstrations over the past few days, it is not known. A spokesman said the police responded on Sunday to the questions, says Reuters news agency.

The protesters went on a Saturday in New Delhi and also in the street (Picture: Reuters).

Highway blocked

In other parts of India, for the past five days, quite moving, particularly in some of the eastern states, including Assam, Tripura, and West Bengal. These states have a long history of resistance to muslim immigrants from Bangladesh.

A highway in West-Bengal and Assam links, it was a Sunday on a variety of sites will be blocked by the protesters, who are linked into the fire and demanded that the act be repealed, that is.

Indian ordetroepen on Saturday at a protest in New Delhi (Picture: Reuters).

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