‘More risks for older people with Aspirin than previously thought’

‘More risks for older people with Aspirin than previously thought’

People of 75 years and older who, after a stroke or heart attack daily Aspirin swallow, run a higher risk of getting great maagbloedingen than was previously thought.

To limit the risk on such maagbloedingen, which can be fatal, should the elderly special pills to swallow to their stomach to protect it.

That, say scientists, after research, published in The Lancet, under 3.166 patients who have a stroke or heart attack had had, and then aspirin or a similar bloedverdunnend means were prescribed.

The study showed that the number of patients under 65 that had to deal with serious or fatal maagbloedingen annually, or about half a percent lag, which equates to one in two hundred people.

In the age group 75 to 84 years went to three at the two hundred people who had to deal with a serious or fatal stomach bleeding.

Increased risk

“This new study gives us a clearer picture of the increased risk and the severity and consequences of bleeding in people over 75,” says lead researcher Peter Rothwell at the BBC.

The researchers insist that aspirin has some advantages – such as the prevention of a heart attack – which may outweigh the risks. They warn further that people who take daily aspirin to swallow, there is not just allowed, to stop, but always first, a doctor must consult.

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