More people with stds diagnosed at clinic’s health services

More people with stds diagnosed at clinic’s health services

In the past year at the Centers for Sexual Health of GCD’s more people with stds diagnosed than in years past. According to Sti Aids Netherlands is that because soa-poli’s more targeted testing among risk groups.

However, different from the percentage found stds considerably by GGD-region. It is also noteworthy that the number of sti consultations by general practitioners in the past year declined, according to new figures from the RIVM.

In the past year were more than 143,000 people are testing for a sexually transmitted disease; 5 percent more than the year before. The percentage of in whom a soa was established increased from 17.2 to 18.4 percent.

“Under the at risk groups in the municipal health service visits, such as men who have sex with men, sex workers and young people under the age of 25, are stds more frequently and faster tracking”, says Hanna Woods, physician at Soa Aids the Netherlands.

“With one in five visitors is now a soa is determined. People who are no longer with the soa-poli’s talk, seem, however, not always with the doctor to sign. This is highly worrisome. Access for all to quality and accessible sti care is in danger,” said Forest.

These are the most common std’s in the Netherlands


The new sti policy of the public health service does not mean that everyone there is more can go to get tested; some may be referred back to the gp. It was therefore expected that the number of sti consultations by general practitioners would increase, but that is not confirmed by the figures.

A possible reason for this is that people for an std test at the doctor to rely on their own risk and therefore, there from. Further, it is the buy of online std testing has become increasingly popular, although RIVM and Soa Aids Netherlands warn that these are often not reliable.

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Regional differences

It is the first time that the GOVERNMENT also looked into regional differences in sti outpatient clinic of the GGD. Chlamydia is the most common std and the vindpercentage is the highest in the region of Groningen. Hepatitis B is relatively most frequently observed in the region of Drenthe.

Other stds are more frequently found in men who have sex with men and the vindpercentages vary by region. So is gonorrhea more frequently observed in the region of IJsselland and syphilis in the region of Utrecht. New hiv diagnoses are more often made in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.


Last week showed large-scale study of the Knowledge centre for sexuality, Rutgers and Sti Aids the Netherlands, that Dutch students in comparison with five years ago, later, to sex start. That survey also found that more than 40 per cent of young people not using condoms with a one night stand.

The first time sex is used 70 percent for a condom, but afterwards it use strongly. As young people who have a sexual partner, stop the use of condoms, let three-quarters of boys and two third of girls do not test for sexually transmitted diseases.

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