More people in Washington to protest against Trump than at inauguration

More people in Washington to protest against Trump than at inauguration

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The number of participants in the protest march against Donald Trump in Washington Saturday far exceeds the number of attendees at his inauguration on Friday. At hundreds of places in the world were also protesters on the street.

According to American media, there were worldwide more than 2.5 million people on the streets to express their displeasure about Trump to make known.

In Washington, tried to estimate that against the half a million people will continue to move through the streets of the city. But due to the huge interest could the mars can hardly be a pre-determined route to take. The enthusiasm was greater than that for the largest anti-Vietnam demonstration in the sixties and seventies.

The Woman’s March was organized by women and minorities like gays, muslims, latinos, and native americans who are afraid that they have the rights to lose now, Donald Trump president has become. They rely on his derogatory remarks during his controversial campaign.

Worldwide protests against inequality and intolerance

Hundreds of thousands of women worldwide are demonstrating Saturday against inequality and intolerance on the occasion of the inauguration of the American president Donald Trump.

An estimated three thousand women gathered on the Museumplein in Amsterdam in the framework of the ‘Women’s Marches’ on Saturday in several countries are held.
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Worldwide, according to the organization behind the protest, approximately one million women to participate in 670 such marches.

The European marches were also taking place in Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Geneva. Also in Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand were thousands of women on the street.

Trump should the presidential election have won, he got the net almost 3 million votes less than his opponent Hillary Clinton.

The biggest demonstration takes place in Washington, DC. There, according to the BBC, around two hundred thousand demonstrators expected.

Some of the protesters fear that Trump a lack of respect for women or for sexual minorities.

Others denounced the derogatory comments of the president about immigrants and muslims.

icipants were asked a hat with kattenoortjes to carry as a reference to images during the elections uitlekte, in which Trump suggested that, as a celebrity can get away with a sexual assault. “You can put them in the cat grab, you can do anything,” he said.

From various surveys indicate that between 32 and 44 percent of Americans have confidence in Trump; the lowest score since fifty years.
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Pink hat

Many protesters wore pink wool hat with a cat on it. This is a reference to statements that Trump in 2005 did about women. He proposed that women prefer to be decorated by “by the pussy” seized to be.

The protest did countless celebrities, such as Madonna, actresses Scarlett Johansson and Ashley Judd, directed by Michael Moore and the Democratic politician, John Kerry, to Friday, minister of Foreign Affairs.

The protest was peaceful, in contrast to the aggressive protests on Friday around the inauguration of Trump. When were there in Washington, hundreds of anti-Trump protesters held glass panes in it and cars burned. The riot police had to hard action.

Worldwide, nearly a million people take to the streets after inauguration Trump

Other cities

Also in other American cities was the rise above expectations. In Los Angeles were a half a million people on the streets, including singer Miley Cyrus and mayor Eric Garcetti. In New York, where Friday was also a large demonstration took place, walked tens of thousands of people on 5th Avenue.

In Chicago gathered to 150,000 protesters. This number was too large to be an actual mars; the police charged the protesters in one place to stay. In Chicago were striking a lot of moslimleiders to equality and tolerance to preach.

Low popularity

The large turnout at the Woman’s March is indicative of the enormous dichotomy in the American society. Trump should the presidential election have won, he got the net almost 3 million votes less than his opponent Hillary Clinton.

From various surveys indicate that between 32 and 44 percent of Americans have confidence in Trump; the lowest score for a president in his office in almost half a century. Trump himself was on Twitter, no mention of the protests, all he could after the church service in the cathedral of Washington almost not get away through the throngs of people standing there.

The president spoke Saturday at a meeting with the CIA about the way in which the media, the presence of citizens at the inauguration were shown. According to Trump, it looked like “a million and a half people were and the media, these figures are distorted.


White House spokesman, Sean Spicer, joined Saturday at Trump. He suggested that the media, the number of people present at the inauguration of Trump to low had estimated. He accused news organizations, among other things, the tweeting of photos that have large empty spots were to be seen on the National Mall during the ceremony Friday.

“This was the largest audience that ever witnessed an inauguration,” said Spicer in a short press conference. “These attempts to see the enthusiasm about the inauguration to reduce its shameful and wrong,” he said.

According to the city government of Washington was the inauguration of Barack Obama in 2009, the busiest ever recorded. About 1.8 million people were present to see how Obama sworn in was to be president. Aerial photos of Trump’s inauguration demonstrate less large crowds than in 2009.

According to Spicer, that no questions of journalists answered, were the 720.000 available spots for The u.s. Capitol are filled during the swearing in of Trump. He also know no official figures to have. “No one had numbers.”

Spicer: “There is in the media a lot is said about the responsibility to Donald Trump accountable. I am here to say that it works in two directions: we are going to the press is also responsible.”

This would Trump do in his first hundred days

Websites removed

The president made after his inauguration not a secret of which topics he is high on the agenda. The reflections on the site of the White House about human rights, LGBT rights and climate change were removed immediately.

Not only in Washington, but also at hundreds of other places in the world was Saturday protested against Trump.

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