‘More likely to be overweight after birth via caesarean section’

‘More likely to be overweight after birth via caesarean section’

Babies who are born via a caesarean section have fifteen percent more likely to be child obesity to develop baby’s through the natural way in the world.

Conclude that scientists of the Harvard University in a study published in the scientific journal JAMA Pediatrics.

People who via a caesarean section are born and who have one or more brothers or sisters have that in the world have come through a vaginal birth, even have 64 percent more likely to be overweight.

Vice versa, there is also a correlation to detect: children who are in a natural way in the world, but a brother or sister who, through a caesarean section are born, have 31 percent less likely to be overweight at a later age.


“These results are very convincing evidence that there is indeed a relationship exists between a keizersnedegeboorte and obesity,” says researcher and medical doctor Jorge Chavarro.

“Especially the fact that there is a difference detectable between children with the same mother, who have the same genes but have different interpretations of the world are come.”

For the research data of over 22,000 people, who for sixteen years participated in a study in which the participants each year, or every two years questions about their health answered. The researchers have looked at the BMI of the persons and whether it was via a caesarean section are born.

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