More freedoms for women in Saudi Arabia translates into colorful looks

Now the Saudi driving ban for women is lifted, it is fashion designer Eman Joharjy inspired to have freedom to translate in a trendy, colorful looks for muslim women.

The so-called abayas of Eman are much shorter, tighter, and even have a hood. © REUTERS

Colorful, embroidered jumpsuits, hoods, tighter elbows and shorter lengths. There is a world of difference between the trendy abayas from Joharjy Eman and the traditional, loose-fitting, black robes. That something can, Eman is also due to the progressive young crown prince Mohammed bin Salman. He brought in recent years, a veritable emancipation change in his country: so do women, for example, no permission of a male relative for their company to open and is the power of the religious police intervene.

Today, women are allowed to even play sports at sunset: ‘We feel encouraged by the support of the government, we should be running and cycling,” says designer Joharjy Eman to Reuters. But because their traditional robes not useful to a workout or to bike, took Eman the task on themselves to get the women to design. They are shorter, more practical, more toned and, most importantly, very colorful, ” for women of color.’ Eman believes in the social freedoms in its country arise, but does not believe in the abolition of the so-called abayas. ‘It protects us from the sun and the naughty boys’, says the designer.


  • More freedoms for women in Saudi Arabia translates into colorful looks
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