More clarity about extreme anger at hearing eetgeluiden

More clarity about extreme anger at hearing eetgeluiden

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Researchers have demonstrated for the first time that misofonie goes further than just having a strong dislike of sounds like scraping a chalkboard with your nails.

Misofonie is a condition in which certain sounds extreme anger recall. “For me it feels like a threat, which I tend to get out of it”, says a woman who was triggered by the rustle of a bag of potato chips against the BBC. “It is fight or flight.”

In the Netherlands there is an Association Misofonie, but until now, there was hardly any scientific literature about the condition. Research by British scientists shows that the brains of some people are so wired that she will be an “exaggerated” emotional response to evoke specific sounds.

For the study, the brain viewed of twenty people and 22 people without misofonie. They were given a series of sounds to be heard while having a MRI scan underwent.

About the red

From the results, which were published in Current Biology, showed that the part of the brain that feeling connects you to emotions “overactive” by people with misofonie.

“They go over the red when they hear certain sounds,” said a doctor from Newcastle University. “Usually they respond with anger.”

A treatment is not yet. People can take measures to make the condition bearable, such as the use of earphones.

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