“More awareness for the difficulties faced by left-handers’

More and more people are aware of the last few years, awareness of the difficulties left-handed people have in everyday life may be affected. “There are more tools, and tools for left-handers,” says the neuroscientist, Reint Geuze, University of Groningen, at

“But we still live in a society that is mostly right-oriented,” says the It, which is to examine the differences between the left – and right-handed people.

It was a Saturday, the international day of left-handers, on the day on which the original was devised in order to draw attention to the difficulties that left-handers experience in everyday life. Only one-tenth of the world’s population is left-handed.

Left-handed people in the day to day life practical problems, such as scissors, which is the default for right-handed people have made, it is constructed in a university that is on the right hand side and sit at the dinner table, on the right-hand side of a right-hand lead up to an accidental bump of the elbow.

However, a person who is the only one in a family of left-handed people, it is, according to It, the house is not specifically a left-handed set-up. “As for the other people in your household, a kitchen area that is for the right-hander has been designed, there was an advantage to have it, then you can change that to no. Also, bouwmaatschappijen don’t do that.”

A revolutionary process that

The distribution of the number of left-handers relative to right-handed and brought It and the companion gedragsbioloog Groothuis on the idea that it is possible that the outcome would be an evolutionary process. As to selection, there are some advantages and disadvantages are of being selected. Therefore, in comparison to the scientist, the left – and right-handed use, on the traits of aggression, health, and creativity.

From his study of over thirty thousand Citizens, with about the same number of left as right-handed people surveyed, the differences were small between those who have a strong preference for the left side and the right side.

With a weak and a strong handvoorkeur was It just small deviations. Respondents with a weak handvoorkeur were better at solving problems, whereas the artistic creativity was higher in those with a strong handvoorkeur. Left-handed people have also reported slightly more health problems than right-handed people. These differences, however, were small and did not provide a clear indication of evolutionary selection, said the researchers.


For practical reasons, it was up to the mid-sixties, at a lot of schools are forbidden to be left-handed for writing. Left-handed people have left-to-right writing, at the time, often with the kroontjespen or fountain pen made, sometimes for the ink spots, because they put their hands on their writing going. “The ban on linkshandigheid was sometimes accompanied by a hefty slap on the wrist. There are a limited number of countries where the coercion is still being exerted,” says the neuroscientist.

The studies on handvoorkeur go on for more than a hundred years ago. This shows, according to It, as to how hard it is to get handvoorkeur to understand it. He knows he is not one hundred percent sure if in the future an answer will be found. “However, I do think, however, that if the combination of neuroscience and the impact of genetic and environmental factors are better understood, this will all be a piece of the solution.”

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