More and more young children get preschool education

More and more young children get preschool education

More and more children are between 2.5 and four-year-old to follow pre-school education. Almost 80 percent of children with a risk of a delay will receive preschool education, also toddlers without lagging to go more often to the voorschool.

That’s according to research by the Education Inspectorate, under the largest of 37 municipalities of the Netherlands. It is the first time that the inspectorate, with statistics on preschool education in the large cities. Previous studies would have a less complete picture is given, according to the inspection.

In the large cities, there are more places on the voorschool available, than for the target group. According to the inspection, this is explained by the fact that not every child with a risk of disadvantage through the parents can be reached. In addition, preschool education is voluntary.

There are a total of 40.000 places available for 31.000 children within the target group of the voorschool fit. Each municipality may determine which children are eligible for the voorschool. That is why more and more municipalities also have children without the risk of a backlog welcome to the voorschool. As in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Almere all young children are entitled to a few hours of preschool education per week.


Because the most at-risk children at a disadvantage in the large cities, were the past five years, the largest of 37 municipalities each year, 95 million euros extra to the preschool education to improve. From the inspection report show that this has led to further growth of the number of voorscholen.

Also the quality of education in the past five years has increased. The improvements are in accordance with the inspection in the municipal policies and in the education at the for – and vroegscholen. So involve more and more schools and parents to encourage the child.

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