More and more older people have a family care need, the number of caregivers continues to lag behind

The number of carers is likely to continue for years, less the increase in the number of 75 year olds that are in need of this type of care. This is especially true for regions outside the Randstad, it appears on Friday from a study of the Social and Cultural Planning office (SCP) and the netherlands environmental assessment agency for the Environment (PBL).

Some 230 000 independent living and 75-year olds received the previous year informal care. This group will be expected to increase by as much as 70 percent, growing to nearly 390.000 persons by the year 2040, the report on family care for older people.

The number of people on a weekly basis for four hours or more to make sure it can provide in the same time period, according to estimates, only 7 percent (from to 1.11 million to 1,18 million). Because of this, the average number of caregivers per elder in the year 2040 on all three. Last year, there were only five caregivers per elder.

In the NETHERLANDS and the PBL to point out that this is only the national average, and that there are regional differences as well. For example, in 2018, as per earlier, on average, eight family carers are available in utah, and while there, in Zeeland Flanders, but the four of them.

Especially in the krimpgebieden will be in the year 2040 by older, less and less caregivers will be available. In this area, which is relatively a lot of young people go to big cities of the Randstad to move, according to the researchers, is very important in order to anticipate the decline in the number of informal carers.

A 75-year olds to go there more often to take care of each other

The study shows that the number of 75 year olds that informal care provided to peers of the same age grants, is expected to increase. At the same time, the number of young carers are slowly diminishing.

Older caregivers provide can often increase the number of hours of care. It is expected that in the near future as well as will continue to be, but it won’t be enough. It is, according to the researchers, is almost certainly that there will be more shortages in the provision of informal care, it will come out, unless it is “a dramatic improvement in health among the elderly, occurs, or, a lot more people will be inclined volunteer to give up.”


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