More and more hospital admissions and deaths from overdose of opioids

The number of hospital admissions and deaths due to an overdose of opiate drugs continues to increase. This is due to the growth in the use of such heavy-duty pain medication, report researchers from the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) on Wednesday.

The researchers concluded this after analyzing all of the figures of the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS). They will have their findings published in the scientific periodical JAMA Network Open.

According to the article, used to be 4.9 per cent of the national population, in 2013, morphine patches, oxycodone, or another opiate. Four years later, the number of users has risen to 6 per cent.

The number of people killed as a result of an overdose of heroin was in 2013, and 139. In 2017, came in a total of 211 people killed by a drug overdose. This is equivalent to an increase of about 50 percent of the time. During the same period, the number of hospital admissions from 1.537 to 2.236, according to the study. In most of the cases were users of oxycontin.


And what is the oxycodone, the widely used heavy-duty pain reliever?

The researchers called the increase of the use of worrying

In the Netherlands are mainly the elderly, women, and lageropgeleiden, and people with poor health, opiates are prescribed. The researchers called it “alarming” that more and more people are involved.

“Opioids are not a paracetamolletjes,” said anesthesiologist-epidemiologist, Eveline van Dorp, in a press release. “They are both physically and mentally addictive, and an overdose will lead to respiratory failure and death.

The researchers will let you know that an opiate is “not always the best solution,” and suggests that the use of it is not always necessary. “We should always be striving to pijnvrijheid? It Is a bit of a pain, for example, an operation may, however, be acceptable?”

‘None of the American states’

The Minister, mr Bruins (Medical and Sports) at the beginning of this year, the Institute for Responsible medicine use (IVM) commissioned a task force to who, the use of heavy-duty pain relievers to inspect.

“The increase in the number of people who use the drugs incorrectly, and unnecessarily, they have been used seems to be the explanation for this is the fact that people have died. That’s awful and completely unacceptable,” said the minister, at breaking News. “The increase in the problematic use of heavy-duty painkillers, and with all of these adverse effects is a reason for action to be taken. This study underscores the importance of these measures. We’re interested in here is not the American states.”


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