More and more Dutch people get skin cancer

More and more Dutch people get skin cancer

The number of Dutch people that skin cancer will grow. In total, 15.836 people diagnosed in 2016, compared to 14.738 patients a year earlier. Skin cancer is the most common kankersoort in the Netherlands.

Men were slightly more frequently diagnosed than women: 8.174 against 7.662 cases. This is evident from Friday published figures from the comprehensive Cancer centre (IKNL).

The number of Dutch people that skin cancer gets grows hard. Over the past 26 years, the number of cases of skin cancer with 308 percent, this meant that in 1990 only 3.882 Dutch the diagnosis. Compared to 2005, the number of new huidkankerpatiënten almost doubled.

KWF late know that the increase is in part due to excessive exposure to UV radiation. “Always make sure that you do not burn. KWF is committed for better sun protection, especially for children. Which are in fact vulnerable. Serious burn in childhood doubles the chances of melanoma later in life.”

After skin cancer follows cancer as the most common kankersoort, 15.427 new patients. This form of cancer came in 2015 is still the most common. Men (8.807) are more likely to have this diagnosis than women (6.620).

The number of cases of prostate cancer rises from 10.469 to 11.064 cases and thus remains the most common form of cancer in men. In women remains breast cancer, with 14.511 patients.

Over 108.400 Dutchmen were in 2016, the diagnosis of cancer. With most forms of cancer, the incidence increased. That can according IKNL come through better registration or because certain forms of cancer more quickly discovered than in the past, such as in colon cancer, the case is.

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The three main types of skin cancer are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. Especially the increase of melanoma called the IKNL concern. A large part of the increase of melanoma is, however, in the group of people in which the disease at an early stage is detected. Because of this, the survival rates are great; after five years of life almost all patients.

The number of cases of squamous cell carcinoma remains stable. The vast majority of patients, this diagnosis is older than 70 years. According to IKNL, this brings a need for special care with it, because squamous cell carcinomas have a great impact on the patient. The malignant tumor that occurs in two third cases in the head and neck area, making this addition to medical also cosmetic consequences.

At the total figures of skin cancer is the basal cell carcinoma will not be included, because this is a slow-growing tumor is almost non-gangrenous, and which few people die. In total, around 40,000 people in this form.

Different organizations Saturday, 4 February, for the third year in a row attention for the disease during world cancer day. At various locations, lectures, outreach talks and other organised activities. The IKNL publishes all the figures about cancer on its website

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