Moon lander concept has been unveiled by Boeing, as NASA eyes a return to the moon’s surface

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Boeing has revealed the manned Lunar lander idea, it says, will require “as few steps as possible to go to the Moon,” as NASA looks to return to the moon in 2024.

The design, which is a Boeing being sent to the space agency earlier this week, the lander, the Ascent control and the Downhill Element of moon in a rocket.

Boeing says this is for maximum capacity and safety of the crew,” in the end, it is the reduction of the complexity of the project.

“The use of the lift capacity of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) Block 1B, and we’ve a as Few Steps as possible to go to the Moon’ approach, which minimizes the task of the complexity, while providing the safest and most direct path to the surface of the moon,” said Jim Chilton, vice president of Space and Launch of the Boeing Defense, Space & Security, in a statement.

After the exploration of the lunar surface by the astronauts, the flight crew lifts off for the moon in the Ascent of the Element in this artist’s concept. The Descent of the Element will remain on the moon that have been performed in the role of the flying crew from lunar orbit to the surface to be cleaned. (Credit: Boeing)


In July, NASA revealed the details of the vision for the Artemis Lunar Lander and the AMERICAN astronauts on the moon’s surface by 2024. Apart from that, the month, the space agency has posted a notice on the Federal Business Opportunities web site that it was looking at proposals from the industry for the development of an integrated human lunar landers, and the implementation of a manned flight demonstration at the lunar surface by 2024.”

On Sept. 30, the government space agency has officially launched the call for proposals for the Lunar lander and ideas, according to the

NASA’s Artemis and try to use what is called a “stepping stone” that would include the construction of a Gateway station in the vicinity of the lunar orbit with the Orion capsule and the other is the transfer of the vehicles to Boeing said the lunar lander would be no need for the extra steps.

Boeing, the Human is the Date of System heads, in a course on the power of a Space Launch System rocket in this artist’s concept. The mission architecture calls for the sending of the integrated probe that is in orbit, where it rendezvous with the astronauts on board the Orion, or the Gateway is to take the crew to the lunar surface. (Credit: Boeing)

“Boeing has aided countries could also contribute in is that of the lunar orbit to the surface without an additional transfer stage, or space tug, and with a further reduction and simplification of the steps for a successful operation,” the company added in the statement.

However, it would be the paint finish, is a massive track, which has been repeatedly criticized by lawmakers for delays and cost overruns.

“The SLS has an unrivaled lift capacity, which is based on the proven flight components,” Boeing added in a statement. “This approach will result in a shorter development time, and reduce the risk of, causing the us to land safely on the moon’s surface by 2024.”

Boeing has been named one of the best builders in the AREA, building the core stage, according to NASA.

The Artemis program aims to develop the country by U.s. astronauts on the Moon by 2024 and to build a sustainable human presence on Earth’s natural satellite. However, it will also make history by landing the first woman on the Moon.

After the Apollo 11 astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on the Moon on 20 July 1969, in just 10 more men, all Americans, walked on the surface of the moon. The last NASA astronaut who set foot on the Moon, Apollo 17 Mission Commander Gene Cernan, on Dec. 14, 1972.


Fox News’ James Rogers contributed to this story.

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