Monk Myanmar turns trader into amphetamine

Monk Myanmar turns trader into amphetamine

Photo: AFP

The police in Myanmar looked surprised when she for a control in the car of a buddhist monk in the town of Maungdaw to 400,000 methamfetaminepillen found.

When the police have a look the names in the monastery where the man came from, they found that 4.2 million pills.

Myanmar is known as a major producer of narcotics. There are large quantities of amphetamine, opium, and cannabis produced.

Last year did the police get your hands on no fewer than 98 million pills, doubling the number by 2015 was found. The government continues to producers and traders as much as possible.

The harddrug methamphetamine, also known under the English labels, meth or crystal meth is a highly addictive amphetamine. It is in the medical world are used for conditions like ADHD and obesity.

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