Monica Lewinsky happy that they name is not changed after Clinton affair

Monica Lewinsky is happy that she never changed her name after the affair with Bill Clinton. That she tells in the tv program, Last Week Tonight.

Lewinsky says in the interview that they had difficulty finding a job after the notorious affair in 1998. When John Oliver ask her if she ever wants to change her name to, respond to the former businesswoman: “In the first place, I think that it would not even have worked. People suggested that I use a different name on my cv would be put when I apply, but then you run so an office for an interview and see someone that you damn much on Monica Lewinsky seems. Then you start a professional relationship based on a lie.”

Lewinsky adds: “secondly, it was a matter of principle. Bill Clinton did his name not change. No one has ever asked or he found that his name had to change. So I felt it was important to not to do to a signal.”

Although she says she is not proud of some choices in her life has made, is Lewinsky, however, proud of the person she is. “How difficult it sometimes was to this surname, of all pain to have to endure, and to realize what my family meant to have the same last name, I am glad that I had not changed you.”

The former intern of Clinton became famous after in 1998, it became known that she had an affair with the former president. Lewinsky committed today against harassment on the internet.


Monica Lewinsky was never a name change after Clinton affair

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