Monica, It is no longer about the transfer, with Lars Veldwijk

Monica, It was a time of a lot of worry about a possible transfer to the netherlands for her boyfriend, soccer player Lars Veldwijk. In the meantime, she has a little more rust found, and it may be a bit of a drop.

“You do not control the way in which it all runs. I have decided to turn the tables: I can do precisely one job in which I’m really flexible,” said the 24-year-old vlogger is in conversation with Grazia magazine.

“And the little one (daughter’s Print-On-ed.) it is not yet four, so she’s not in school, and you can have it anywhere you want to go. I just need like a good thing to see. We have to have both a career and an infinite amount of options, so there’s no need to be so uptight about it.”

Even though It is willing to be with her boyfriend, who, for the Sparta Rotterdam is playing with the traveling, she is somewhere in a line of a transfer to Iran, can’t see them sitting there. Veldwijk was given this past summer with an offer. “I thought that was a really a country that I thought to myself:” no, no. Women are not permitted to the heart. (…) At the time that you are going to attend, you acknowledge that the rules that are in place. There’s no way I was before. That’s not a good example for my daughter. I have noticed recently that the friend of a Dutch player, who is out there, however, it is to be out of the stadium, taken when she was at a competition, go check it out. I think she is insane. I am glad that Lars was not there, had gone.”

That is, the vlogger, the move is not looked at it this way, it is ultimately not the only reason for it not to do so. But it aired on. “I give everything to him, and if he does that, he needs to go, then it’s definitely going to do it. Tap-On, and I’ll be fine. I am very flexible, and our daughter is still young, and there is a built-in FaceTime. But I don’t see it, then I’m not going to be with him.”

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