Monic Hendrickx goes by in healthy eating

Monic Hendrickx goes by in healthy eating

Monic Hendrickx is by the friends of her daughter also known as ‘Mrs Salad’. “Sometimes I save it in salad, soup, and healthy eating.”

Secretly has Hendrickx hate women who are so conscious with the environment and food handling.

“I played in the comedy The Little Ice age, a terrible hat, the kind of woman who always says: but that plastic must be in it. Such a milieumuts with a foundation, that falls in love with the person who they in the house has taken. I do hate it, but I recognize myself in there also just in,” she says in the Margriet.

Also tells the actress about the moment when she for the first time, her mother as a woman saw it. “I was at the drama academy in Eindhoven and they came along in the pub. My father was already dead. And my mother had a relationship with a guy that actually have no relationship wanted, because he had just been divorced,” she explains.

“Hey, I thought, she is alive, of course. She is not only mother, but also has a love life. The contact I have with my father is very missed. We have never had an adult conversation about the love.”

Love life

On the other hand, the 50-year-old Hendricks tried to be with her own daughter about the love to talk. “My daughter Javaj let me anything about her love life know. I note only that there are more jongensnamen in her stories”, says the actress.

“We have her a book about sex. That she found so embarrassing. I remember that I used to be with my aunt and uncle stayed, and a book found with naked photos and sex positions. Exciting! But of course it was not a good gift.”

However, Hendrickx last together with her daughter to the documentary of Sunny Bergman, Sunny side of sex look.

“In Uganda were women sit across from each other and schaamlipverlenging do. Javaj, and I had to laugh. So we ended up in a conversation about sex. She is fifteen. I had on my fourteenth already going steady with Ralph (life partner, ed.). That was a marriage, with sex and all. We were very loyal and attaches. There, my mother soon clamped down to set. Because she wanted me to have my school finished.”

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