Mom’s vision loss considered as the pregnancy symptom was actually a deadly brain tumour

Emma Bullin first experienced blurred vision in 2003, while she was pregnant with daughter Paige.

A mother in the united kingdom in which the tumor robbed her of her sight credits, the daughter who they never seen it with helping to save her life after she began to experience frightening symptoms during pregnancy. Emma Bullin, age 40, was pregnant and the drive from the highway in 2003, when her eyesight went blurry, SWNS reported.

“It was like a fog for me,” she told the news outlet. “I could see nothing clearly.”

Bullin said she and her husband drove to an optician who said it is a side effect of the pregnancy, which she would reportedly hear again a week later from a midwife in spite of her vision never improve.


“I thought it was odd,” she told SWNS. “I had never heard of pregnant women go blind, but you just take their word for it.”

Eight weeks before she was due, Bullin ended up in the hospital for pre-eclampsia and bells balsy, but the doctors were reluctant to take her out for an MRI due to her unborn baby. Bullin delivered daughter Paige a month premature, but her sight never returned.

Emma has never seen her daughter, Paige, but credits her daughter, to help to save her life, because the tumor before undetected for 18 years.

An MRI scan showed lesions on her brain, and she was sent for surgery to have the tumor removed.

“I had the tumor before and when I was pregnant, it was like ‘Woopee’ because the estrogen and grew loads,” Bullin said to SWNS. “My mother brought my daughter for the first few months, as my husband had to go back to work. They would bring her and lay her on my chest and it was during the time that my daughter would sleep the most soundly.”


Bullin claims her doctors said that if Paige was born full-term, the tumor would have killed the new mother.

“It grows at such a rate would have killed me before,” she told SWNS. “They saved my life because they helped in the finding of the tumor.’

Bullin said doctors said the hormones associated with pregnancy caused the tumor to grow rapidly, and it probably would have killed her if she had not gone into pre-term labor.

Bullin said she and Paige have a close bond because they are both learning how to navigate in their new environment at the same time.

“It was horrible, of course – I had never seen it before,” she told SWNS. “On the positive side, I tell her that she is the most beautiful girl, and she always will be.”

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