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As the man who taught his people how gardening is Bartel Van Riet regularly compared to Jeroen Meus, who taught his people how to cook. We find that gardening is the first step in cooking, so dig the whole summer long for you exactly how you can start. Today: the ultimate beginnerstips of Bartel Van Riet.

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A private vegetable garden: a true dream for a lot of give gourmets. Do you also want your own fruit and vegetables monitoring of seed to cooking pot? Please read the easy beginnerstips of Bartel Van Riet.

Is that actually, the ultimate beginnerstip?

Reed: “If I only may give, it is this: start small enough, so you keep the overview. Too much at once works might be frustrating, so you could drop out.”

And a ultimate stadsbewonerstip?

“Bins and bags can on a terrace or balcony quite muster. And though it’s not much and brings in only that one harvest cherry tomatoes or some fresh herbs: it tastes once in the kitchen will surely be better!”

Do you think that hydroponic systems as this is an easy stepping-stone for beginners or city dwellers?

“Very sure, but I prefer still prefer full ground. That gives more taste. As long as an enclosure is large enough, you can also to get started. For example, if you roots plant in a geraniumbak on your windowsill, you’ll see some tiny carrots like that in a tin of peas can be harvested. Who bake you need to do is to take good care of: plenty of water, ensure that there is enough sun,…”

Okay, we opt for baking. Is each floor than suitable to get started?

“You could be in any type of soil to grow, but the question is whether that is what you want. The structure is anyway the basis. You should ensure that he is rich, fluffy and moist enough. Use lots of compost, not too much fertilizer, that comes later. If you have a vegetable garden, in full ground starts and ground starts to edit, is you earth after three years in the optimum condition.”

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During the grow you’ll come across many problems. What animal in your garden is already the most broken?

“For me coal is a difficult case. Koolvliegen and cabbage white butterflies are me always that fast, but since I have insect netting stretched have, it’s much better already. What you can do, is types of next to each other and put each other keep clear of harmful insects. Leek and carrot to help each other, for example, good.”

A lot of readers that months ago with good courage, began their garden curse the giant slakkenleger this year.

“Yes, it was a mild winter and so we have a lot of insects on our roof this year. Snails, slugs, and mosquitoes, also, had never with so much. The well-known tricks of the grandfather – like beer in a bowl – do not work thoroughly enough, so a grain of. Choose for an organic product, so that other animals there are no harms. For years I have used the grains of Natures, and do it perfectly.”

We have managed to get the unwanted critters to keep away from our radishes, and carrots: how do you know that they can be harvested, preferably before you take them out of the ground have torn?

“You can always have a little bit of earth wegwrijven around the stalk. Then you will instantly see if there is already something of size klaarzit. Once gently pull also says a lot about the resistance.”

5 easy crops to start with

  • Radishes

With their short root system, you can radishes, even in very shallow baking grow. In addition, they grow quickly, so you after your first harvest is perhaps again a following sequence can sow.

  • Save

Not only easy, but also very nice to be regularly already some leaves to pick, and the rest until you need it. So you have them always at the peak of their freshness.

  • Peppers and chillies

Especially if you are within gardening, peppers and chilies is a must. The good growth has mainly heat (put a pot so for example on the window sill, or behind glass), and produces considerable fruit.

  • Herfstframbozen

Herfstframboos such as the type Joan J is also compact and is therefore very suitable to put in a pot to grow. Moreover, you will harvest much less have to share with birds as with zomersoorten.

  • Annual herbs

Even if you have only a tiny spot (about), it is worth to annual herbs like coriander, parsley and mint to sow. Well moist is the message.


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